Thora Sa Haq | Episode 14 | As Predictable As It Gets

Let’s review 14th episode of Thora Sa Haq. It is still a predictable story but getting less annoying by each episode.


Seher’s track

The episode begins as Seher is scared shit of her fate.

Saleem initially keeps quite, but then shows his true colours and is back to being mean to Seher. Shamsa is still symathatic but it is not hard to imagine that she should need to leave that place and soon.

Radin, the sweet guy who now lives in Seher’s house, talks to Seher, enraging Zoobiya further. So, what is Zoobiya’s problem? Seher could not let her stay at her place when she wanted to move to Karachi.

Seher is looking for a job. She runs into Radin again. Radin is so good. He thinks of Seher as her late sister who had committed suicide. Radin’s small monologue where he narrates his small backstory is painful and touchy, and the way this new guy (I haven’t seem him before) has delivered those lines is perfect. Simply perfect. I will find his name in a bit. His name is Abul Hasan.

Radin offers Seher to help her getting a job. Of course, another predictable event is that Zoobiya spots them together. We know what will happen next. Zoobiya will say shit about Seher to make our heroine’s life more difficult than it already is.


Zamin’s track

Back in Karachi, Hareem and Zamin wake up in same bed. Hareem is over enthusiastic to revive her relationship with Zamin. She’s happy though, but her mother is still bitter. I don’t understand this woman.

Munazza’s only appearance nowdays is to talk about divorce papers. Iftikhar, though claims to understand that the circumstances are not anybody’s fault, still threatens Zamin that he should treat Hareem well, lest he fires him from the company.

The best scene is when Hareem stands up for Zamin and demands that she respects her and her husband. It reminds Rabia of her sister Neelima, who had same words and fears that Hareem would suffer the same fate.

Zamin has given his unnamed friend fifty thousand rupees to personally give to Seher, before he leaves for his honeymoon with Hareem. That stupid friend hands over the money to Saleem. 

That’s the review. How did you like this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar