Thora Sa Haq | Episode 7

Alright, so this is my review of 7th episode of Thora Sa Haq. This episode aired on 4th December, 2019.


Upset with Rabia’s decision, Seher begs everyone to stop that marriage – Hareem, Munazza, even calls Zamin and Waqar. Zamin is scared shit, that Seher will tell the whole truth to everyone. Be a man, dude!

Munazza is such a genius. She rightly guesses Seher’s reason of saying no to all proposals, which is two Rafey and Anwar.

Hareem fails to convince her parents and informs that “now the decision will be taken by elders.”

Waqar and Zamin exchange a meaningful glance as loud dhin-dhin-dhin music plays in the background. Uff!

Waqar is upset and decides to talk to Iftekhar.

Iftekhar initially tries to say no to this mismatched marriage. But, Rabia convinces him that her decisions are right.

Iftekhar is such a dummy, like a president who has no say and just works as the prime minister (Rabia) suggests.

Waqar’s anger dissipates and he talks like a bheegi billi and concedes to whatever Rabia has to say. Let’s just say that the men in this house have no spine, at all.

Shakki mangetar Hareem barges in his room as he is trying to console Seher.

Munazza butters up Rabia as she sides with every single word making Rabia has to say.

As men cannot do anything, Seher stands up for herself and tells Rabia that she can tolerate her insults but cannot marry.

Rafey comes to Seher’s room and asks her to explain her reasons. He is a bit too aggressive. Seher slaps him. Bravo, girl!

And, at that very moment, Zamin also comes there. Why?

He asks Rafey, “What are you doing here?”

Rafey seemed like a cool dude until now, says, “Why don’t you ask her?”

Zamin wants to slap him but Munazza stops him.

What are all these people doing in Seher’s room at that hour of the night? And, why was she praying with the door wide open? Don’t ask these questions.


Imran Abbas is a handsome man but he looks like a mannequin. He and Mashal don’t have much variety of expressions.

If the story wasn’t predictable, the acting and expressions are predictable as well.

I’ll meet you in next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar