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The sixth episode of Yeh Dil Mera is out. Ahad looks so freaking handsome. It traverses through a predictable arc but entertains in part. Here is my review for the same.
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Despite knowing that she’s claustrophobic, Amaan takes Aina in the lift. She gets a panic attack but Amaan calms her down. And, wins her heart, if I may add.

Ali Bakhsh and Farooq are losing their minds about Aina being in the elevator. Aisa bhi kya!  And, why do you have an army of people with you? 

Aina is flat out in love with Amaan since he’s the only man, apart from Farooq that makes her feel safe. Awnnn!

On the phone call, instead of taking about each other she reads an essay of how much Farooq loves her. Madam, he knows. And he will use that against you.

Amaan visits Farooq and we hear him say, “bas dusro ki aulad kitakleef takleef nahin Hoti.” Wah, mukarrar irshad!

Sahira’s sister Mahira visits her and asks if Farooq sees her at all. It irks Sahira even though she seems happy on surface. She starts counting the benefits of marrying Farooq.

To this, Mahira says that Farooq treats her like a mistress and he has married his ‘beti ki barabar ladki‘.

First of all, who talks like that in real life? Calling your own sister a mistress. He hasn’t announced the marriage to the world, but he has MARRIED her.

Secondly, beti ke barabar ladki should have refused to marry him if it bothered, right? By the way, Sajal Ali is 5 years younger than RabiaButt. Just saying.

Mahira’s suggestion that she should have a baby boy does touch her heart, though.

Amaan calls Naina to his office and proposes to Aina. What a (lame) proposal! Bada hi pheeka thha. And, since when did they start addressing each other as ‘tum’ instead of ‘aap’. 

Then, Amaan asks Ghauri to talk to Farooq about Aina and him. Mehtab is upset that Amaan doesn’t want to marry Asiya. Awain, when did he say he would? 

Things are happening so fast.

  • Amaan proposes Aina
  • He talks to Ghauri.
  • Ghauri and Mehtab discuss this proposal.
  • Ghauri meets Farooq to fulfil his duty as Amaan’s buzurg.

Everyone seems to be in a hurry. Aisi bhi kya jaldi hai?

Ghauri gives a long and boring praise speech by about Amaan. To sum it up, Amaan is perfect, has no morale glitch (like Farooq has, ahem), his character is spotless and he is a successful businessman. Meh!

Farooq needs time to ponder. 

Living room is nice, by the way.


I could relate to Aina. I feel claustrophobic at times. Okay, all the time. I need people to be at least 3 feet away from me. Anybody enters the 3 feet zone and I just panic and stop breathing. Sajal acts well but I don’t like the scene for obvious reasons. It makes me feel suffocated.

The way Amaan gets up for Nargis Bua tells us that he has respect for her. So much so that he forgets all about Anaa and has eyes only for Nargis bua. So, there is some backstory there as well.  I am very curious and it makes me wait for the next episode eagerly. 


Just look at the adoration in his eyes when he looks at Nargis Bua and how he looked at Aina while proposing. It isn’t difficult to see who he loves more 😀

What’s your opinion on this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar

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