Thora Sa Haq | Episode 8

Alright, so this is my review of 8th episode of Thora Sa Haq. This episode aired on 11th December, 2019.


Seriously? Who talks like this.
Rafey asks, “Why are you upset as if she’s your wife.”

Munazza very vehemently asserts that Seher is Zamin’s sister and Zamin stands there like a statue. It doesn’t stop there. Munazza forces them to shake hands, like mothers do when they want their four year old kids to stop fighting. *Slow clap*

Zamin and Seher think about each other in their respective rooms.

The nest morning, she stares at his room. Enters Zamin, “main yahan hoon.” Aee taaN. Remember how we said this as kids.

Zamin asks her to lock her room from inside. A valid point, why didn’t she lock it? Because tayi jaan asked her to. Behen, self defense bhi koi chiz hoti hai.

Zamin goes to talk to Iftekhar who is angry at him for taking a wrong business decision. Munazza the strategist does what she does best. She intrudes the conversation and asks for a date for Zamin and Hareem’s wedding.

The next scene shows them on the stage.

It is only Rafey who notices that Zamin is looking staring at Seher. They’re already engaged, right? What rasm is this?

Zamin requests his father to fix things and he promises, too. But I highly doubt it. Munazza and Waqar don’t have a good track record in that regard.

Waqar begs Iftekhar over phone that he wants to talk. He is driving and you can sense the impending boom. Yep, you guessed it right. When has the drama ever stayed away from a predictable path?

Now, the million dollar question: who’ll bell the cat? Who will break the news about Seher and Zamin’s nikaah.

But, before Zamin would respond, the doctor comes and announces that Waqar is no more. The doctor must be an extra, but some conviction would have been nice. A very half hearted performance, even for an extra.

If you had for once thought that things would be normal during the funeral, you’re mistaken. She scolds Seher for crying (really?) and calls her sabz qadam. What else is left?

Munazza is grieving, too, but because of the fear that Rabia and Iftekhar would kick them out of business. Bhai wah!

Zamin speaks Rabia’s language and feels that Seher has caused Waqar’s death. Bro, get a grip. Then, he asks her to leave the house.

Now, that’s new!


I’m seriously disappointed with the performances. Everything and everybody is over the top.

Just see the expressions.

The only saving grace is Iftekhar. Firdous Jamal has nailed it as a grieving elder brother.

I’ll meet you in next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar