Yeh Dil Mera | Episode 7

The seventh episode of Yeh Dil Mera is out. Here is my review for the same.
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 Sahira is out shopping and she runs into Amaan. Amaan helps her get the pan from the rack.

Aren’t they the same height?
Aren’t they in different cities? What is Amaan doing there in Karachi? Stalking?

Farooq talks to Aina about Amaan’s proposal and Aina tries to tell him that she’d be happy. But, Farooq is Farooq – an overprotective father.

So, Aina writes her feelings in the diary and later Farooq reads her diary. How convenient!

At office, Farooq meets Amaan and at home, Aina has started offering prayers, surprising Nargis bua.

Amaan’s story:

He’s from Kohat. They shifted to England and his father and uncle had a flourishing business. His parents passed away in plane crash when he was almost 13. When he was in college, his uncle and aunt also passed away.

What are you hiding, bro? Tell us more.

This story doesn’t impress Farooq. He asks him, “why should I choose you?” Does it remind you of interview? Me too.

Bhai ki ek line, “I love her. Can’t you see?” Wah!

Aina doesn’t eat two meals and that is all it takes for Farooq to yield.

Amaan and Aina meet for lunch and Aina talks about being the only child. We see another flashback of younger Amaan, his mother and little sister.

Amaan lies to her for the first time. She calls him and even though he’s free, he says he’s in a meeting.

Mehtaab is still upset about Amaan’s engagement to Aina. Asiya overhears the conversation. I don’t know what purpose it serves.

They’re engaged. And in real life, too. It must feel like a déjà vu, right?

 That night, a dejected Amaan goes to the piano room and plays the same time angrily. Aina calls him. Why? Haven’t you talked to him a million times already? I would be annoyed. So is Amaan, but for different reasons. He’s a psycho.

What’s your opinion on this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar