Yeh Dil Mera | Episode 15 | Unhealthy Married Relationship & Manipulative Men

Before you proceed, may I request you to read about the characters and previous episodes’ reviews here. It will help you understand the story better. Unless you know it already 🙂


This episode begins as Aina gets up in the morning. Amaan is already in the office, they’re still miffed with each other. Aina calls Farooq and makes up false stories for Amaan being apologetic about missing the dinner. Poor girl! What has she gotten into?

But then her typical women curiosity resurfaces and she asks Imam Deen about the locked room. If only he knew!

Nargis Bua has decided to leave the job. She only stayed for Aina. She obviously knows the true face of Farooq and Ali Bakhsh. We see Farooq’s arrogant nature yet another time as he dismisses Nargis Bua, saying he doesn’t care about anything and she’s free to tell everyone. If only she would!

If you thought he was rude, Amaan shows us how rude he could be. He forbids her from going to the piano room. Aina hits back by seeking permission for every little thing. Taunts fly left, right and center as both give savage replies to each other.

Why do Pakistani dramas almost always show Biryani on the dining table?

Amaan is sharp. He already knows that Sahira is being followed. He also has a gun, by the way.

Farhana is hell bent on finding the truth about Nilofer’s death. She calls Farooq to talk to Nargis Bua. Farooq is worried that Farhana will discuss the same with Aina. As a precautionary measure, he poisons Aina’s mind against Farhana by fabricating lies that Farhana is greedy for Aina’s nana’s properties. Pfft! These men are so manipulative.


This drama promotes an unhealthy married relationship that shows a dominating and rude husband and although the wife tries to stand up for herself, she eventually falls for his supposedly charming arrogant ways.

I don’t like it. I know he has a history but he doesn’t have to treat her like shit.

That is my commentary on 15th episode of Yeh Dil Mera. What did you feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar