Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 7

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This episode begins where it left us last. Nisan spots Ozge kissing Sinan. It upsets her immensely. She’s in a dazed state and cannot be her chirpy self (for a change). Ayla comes to her apartment to give company and spend the night with her.

In Sinan’s apartment, Ozge and Sinan are having cozy moments.

Ayla realizes Nisan’s crush on Sinan. She tells Nisan to fight for what she wants. Is it just an advice or will she practically help Nisan. We will soon find out.

Yildiz continues to threaten Melik and Melik continues to be petrified of her.

I like Yildiz. She’s stone-cold in one scene and innocent and tender like a flower in another. She has also charmed Melik’s mother. She also brings a lot of gifts for Melik and his mother.

Ayla drags Nisan to hospital despite Nisan’s protests. Berzan is leaving the hospital and nobody knows, except Murat. At the hospital, Nisan gets further upset to see Ozge near Sinan. In return, she turns the table on Melik and tries to convince him that Yildiz may really love him.

On an impulse, Nisan also claims to know all dance forms, just to challenge Ozge. Now, Nisan needs to do a crash course to learn Tango. As luck would have it, the teacher Nisan gets is an out of work dance instructor who had not had any student for past seven years, ahem!

Today’s weird patient is a girl who’s pretending to be in pain, just so she could run away with her boyfriend. But their love story is so pure and innocent that Nisan still decides to help them. After a big drama and Nisan’s relentless meddling, the family finally agrees to their alliance.

Nisan gets another chance to boast about her sense of handling situations.

Ayla and Berzan are dealing with a workaholic casting director who refuses to put the phone down. Ayla, therefore, offers that Berzan would be the 12th tall dark and handsome man she needs.

Murat has a little get together with Sadiya and Noor and he also invites Berzan and Ayla. He’s a bit frightened to introduce Noor with Sadiya. Noor isn’t responding, at all, bringing an awkward silence into the room. But things get better when Sadiya gifts Noor her favourite comic book. Things seem okay until Ayla overhears Sadiya talking over phone and gets suspicious.

Nisan is ruining her mood as Sinan and Ozge spend time watching movie, a movie that Sinan hates. She interrupts them for getting ingredients for cake and later to serve them cake. That night she also dreams that someone is chasing her for life. We still don’t know what’s her backstory.

The jogging scene is funny but otherwise she’s annoying as usual. Her lame dance instructor is only interested in the fee. A creepy looking man comes to look for Nisan. She sends Ansuman in her place. Later, we learn that the man is her stalker. Let’s wait to know more.

Melik is forced to move out to rid of Yildiz.

Berzan and her photographer are dressed skimpily adding to Berzan’s discomfort. Later, Ayla teases her nonstop.

The dance competition begins. Even Melik attends it in disguise but Yildiz is still right besides him. Right in the middle of the competition, Berzan takes Ayla outside and informs her about his change of job, outside of country to work for humanity. Awnnn! It is only for two months. I don’t know why they are getting so emotional. Anywho, he doesn’t leave without a kiss. Woohoo!

Nisan is backstage, her dance partner falls unconscious and refuses to dance with her. She starts dancing alone. So, like a true hero, Sinan steps in just in time and they dance beautifully, sexily.

Ozge wins the competition but Nisan and Sinan win a special award.

Let’s wait for next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar