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Let’s begin the review of Episode 19 of Yeh Dil Mera. Before you proceed, may I request you to read about the characters and previous episodes’ reviews here. It will help you understand the story better. Unless you know Amaan\’s Lies Are Openingit already 🙂

Of course, you know it. People are quite crazy about this drama.


Amaan are Aina are back from their haunted honeymoon. Farooq tries hard to cover the sudden departure of Nargis bua and Amaan is thoroughly amused.

Farhana is going through the stuff that her parents had left her. And, she finds a treasure-her father’s diary and a letter from Nilofer, her last one.

The letter hints that Nilofer wasn’t happy in her last days. Farhana calls Aina, desperately trying to impart this newly found fact.

Aina doesn’t pick up. She’s busy unraveling some mysteries of her own. She finds her lost locket from Amaan’s study.

The argument stretches a bit. Look at the rage, and the lipstick.

Aina is upset, of course. Now, how does Amaan fix the situation? No, not romance this time. He distracts her by bringing up Nargis Bua. Hmmm, smart!

Farooq arranges Sahira to move out of Pakistan – Dubai and then San Francisco.

Finally, when Farhana gets to talk to Aina, Aina mistreats her, thanks to the poison that Farooq fed her. Aina realizes that a lot of things seem like delusions but aren’t.

Her investigations continue. She doesn’t find the key to the mysterious locked room but she finds several discarded SIM cards and Amaan’s photograph with Sajid.

OMG! She goes to confront him at his office but the chap isn’t going to office since marriage.

Say what?

That is my commentary on 19th episode of Yeh Dil Mera. What did you feel about this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. my favorite drama ye dil mera . keep us updating

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