Yeh Dil Mera Episode 2: Does it aim to tackle the taboo around mental illness?

The second episode of Yeh Dil Mera adds more to our curiosity, while also giving a hint about how the plot may shape up in future. Here is my review for the same. Please read the review of first episode.


The episode opens as Amaan is playing piano. Who’s the woman playing playing piano elsewhere? She isn’t Aina, because that woman has black curly hair, as opposed to Aina’s straight brown ones. Curiouser and curiouser.

Amaan speaks rudely to the servant and then sits ashen, as though regretting or missing something.

Agha Ji (Meer Ali Zamaan) is going to Singapore for meetings. Alone at night, Noor-ul-Ain’s demons are back to trouble her. Just as I had expected, the girl in that dark night was her, or she had witnessed something terrible that night. She keeps screaming “Woh Maar De Ga (He will kill)”.

Terrific acting by Sajal, but TOO.FREAKING.LOUD. I don’t like loud sound, especially the sudden change in decibel levels, in real life or on reel.

Syed Mohammad Ahmed is her shrink.

He asks her about her routine and she tells her about a little girl in her dream who laughs a lot. She doesn’t recall the dream completely. All she remembers is seeing a girl who’s running away from an unknown enemy, a weird man, a haunted building, and a man kills her.

She then goes on to share her feeling that someone is following her, is wanting to kill her and that her dreams will become true.

The conversation between Agha and Doctor hints on the taboo of mental illness. Doctor tries hard to dig deeper and find out if there is any past trauma.

If anyone visits a psychiatrist regularly, it doesn’t mean the patient is mentally ill.

I may be way out of limb but I am sensing, schizophrenia?

Amaan is invited to Saquib’s place and asks them for wedding pictures. Saquib’s parents know that their daughter is interested in Amaan. Who doesn’t know that?

Farooq takes her to play golf with her. Incidentally, they meet Amaan there. As the older man head to play golf, Aina confronts him but he dodges all her questions.

چہروں پر یقین مت کیا کریں۔ چہرے دھوکا دیتے ہیں۔


So far, these two episodes have intrigued me enough, but I have a sense where this is going. I am not saying I will stop watching it. What do you think of this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar