Thora Sa Haq Episode 3: Tropified



Seher is at her sasural, sharing room with a maid.

The episode opens as Hareem is expressing her unfound love for Zamin, how he is her entire universe and she doesn’t want anyone else to be a part of that universe. It bothers Seher that she’s married to a man who’s already committed to someone and she is causing unnecessary complications in their love life.

Rabia is hell bent on picking on her every now and then. She even comes to her room, taunts her when Seher asks her why she was there.
She then asks Seher to count her dresses in front of her. I didn’t understand the reason. Maybe she wanted to see how many dresses she have? Or does she have a jewellery or anything. But why?

Seher cannot even cry peacefully in her room as Rabia objects to that, too. I mean, be human, would you?

So, Seher asks her Zamin’s mother the reason of so much hatred. And, this is the summary of it.

“Your father was married to her younger sister but he loved your mother. He divorced her and she died. Rabia bhabhi fell down and had a miscarriage, losing her first child. The fact that they couldn’t conceive for several years only added to her agony.”


Hareem is at Zamin’s office and they are about to go out (because that is all Zamin has to do. Just as he is leaving, his phone rings. It is Zobia, Seher’s friend from her old locality. She is calling to talk to Seher. Zamin is upset, he lies on the phone and disconnects the set. Genius!

He talks to his father, informing him about the phone call, obviously upset with him for forcing into that nikaah. His father also suggests that he removed the wire from phone. Itna brilliant idea? And, why are they so scared of Rabia and Hareem? Waqar and his wife both are sympathetic towards Seher but just shit scared of Rabia, therefore cannot talk nicely with Seher. What a load of crap!


That trope has been done to death, I am not kidding. I wish to see some novelty on screen. For instance, in Mere Paas Tum Ho, the tables have turned and Mehwish has already left Danish and it is only 12 episodes. How are they going to continue to the story? That curiosity holds the viewer or readrr glued to the story.
In this one, we can see a pattern, right.

  1. Circumstantial Nikaah, cuz everything else becomes convenient afterwards
  2. Hero behaving badly with heroine
  3. Heroine is goody two shoes despite everyone treating her like shit.
  4. There are two sympathetic souls who support the herpoine
  5. Gradually more people would be impressed by her giving nature.
  6. It wouldn’t take long before the hero also falls for her.

Give me a break.

I know, nobody forced me to watch it. I shouldn’t have, especially since I declared that I don’t want to watch this drama. In my defence, I didn’t watch it. YouTube played it after I watched a Salaam Zindagi clip. I didn’t stop because I wanted to see if there is anything other than trope.

To be honest, there is. Ayeza. Oh my god, the girl isn’t just drop dead gorgeous. She is so good. Watch the scene where she’s talking to her father (absently) and breaks down.

She looks a 180 degrees apart from her portrayal of Mehwish in Mere Paas Tum Ho. She’s just as beautiful, but she is vulnerable and sad and curious and hopeful all at the same time.

Saba Faisal also shines as Rabia in an extremely negative and mean character. I have always seen her as the nice mother. Behroz Sabzwari is ever so charming as Waqar. Firdous Jamal as Iftikhar was so good in that scene when he talks to Rabia that he won’t send Seher away.

Alright, that was my review. What did you think of this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar

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