A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w45

I forgot to schedule the weekly retrospective posts for past three weeks. There is a lot going on and the weekly summary slipped of my mind.

This week, the desk relocation took place. I told you about that, right? The management doesn’t fulfil its promise. The shifting was delayed by 3 days. The management doesn’t fulfil its promise. But hey, when have they ever? And, why would they? They have a reputation to save. 

My desk is moved to a shitty place surrounded by shitty people. It is right under the AC and unlike the previous desk, the new neighbors are not willing to adjust AC temperature. It has been only 2.5 days at the new desk and I am already thinking that I should just leave this job.

Why such extreme reaction, you ask? Why don’t I simply ask for a desk change? Do you think I didn’t try?

Here’s the thing. There is bias in my team – based on gender, marital status, maternity status, old ties, personal reputation and more. I wouldn’t mind the bias if it benefitted me in any form. As it happens, in a team of 37, I rank 37 in the list of bias. So…

Anyway, it is just the first week. Hopefully I will get adjusted to the temperature. Nah! Or, I will seriously just leave this job. Someone please hire me to do nothing.

How was your week? Did you read / watch anything interesting?

Shabana Mukhtar