Yeh Dil Mera: Episode 4 – A Web Of Lies And Deceits

The fourth episode of Yeh Dil Mera is out. It traverses through a predictable arc but entertains in part. Here is my review for the same.
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This episode begins as Sahira wakes up Farooq. They decide to go out but one call from Aina makes Farooq change his mind. You can see the poisonous jealousy on Sahira’s face.
She blurts out as well but he immediately puts her back in her place, the place that he seems fit.

Watch your words and tone. Stay in your limits.

This tells us how he treats women.

The scene changes as Amaan is sitting in a dark room reminiscing his past. His parents leave him and his little sister. We know something awful happened that day but what and how, remains a mystery.

Farooq calls Sahira and pampers her. He talks about money, like three times already. But the moment Aina walks in, he cuts the call. Oh, Aina has at least one enemy. By the way, that scene from the teaser “that I turn around the time in my favour” is in this episode.

Aina’s application is rejected at A K Oil refinery. And, Hassan, her friend is selected. He promises to use his resources (Ghauri, Farhan Ali Agha). He directly calls Aman and asks him a favour. Amaan pretends to unaware about the interviews, forget her name, yet promises to do ‘something’ about it. Farooq is visibily upset as ego is hurt.

So, this time Aina doesn’t ready for a reception. She wears simple and casual (a little too casual) outfit.
Noor-ul-Ain wants her own office on day 1.

Nargis bua is sick but she doesn’t want to go with Ali Bakhsh. He obviously has a big hand in the evil deeds of Farooq.
Cut to day 11, she finally gets to meet Amaan who asks her to copy files and then asks her for coffee.

Aina talks to Farhana and they both talk about Farooq like he’s a saint. I like the foreshadowing. I mean, we all know he isn’t what he is perceived to be.


Adnan’s portrayal in this scene reminded me of Shahwar in Mere Paas Tum Ho. If you are not watching that drama, you should at least read the reviews.

I have heard Rabia Butt in an interview with Sameena Peerzada (it is a nice web show) and she seemed eloquent. But, in this drama, she seemed to be a bit off in her delivery.
Farooq’s monologue about his love and affection for Aina was long and boring. I am sure it was meant to be emotional but I felt nothing, except it was an info dump to tell the viewers how much he loves her.

I don’t know who’s the bigger manipulater here – Amaan or Farooq?

I have a sense where this is going. I have plans to post about my gut feeling. It is fun to anticipate, isn’t it?What do you think of this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar

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