Thora Sa Haq Episode 4-5: A fairly predictable and dull story line

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Thora Sa Haq Episode 3: Tropified


Zoobiya and Shamsa meet Zamin who pretends to forget them. But then, he takes them to a hotel and calls Seher so they can meet Seher and be done with it. Farzana overhears the conversation.
Seher meets her old acquaintances and Shamsa is worried about Sheher. Rabia questions Seher as Zamin hears the conversation, like a statue. Be a man, man!


The episode begins with a trope – takkar. Seheris walking with a glass vase and runs into Zamin. He offers his hand and walks her to her room. Of course, Rabia sees it and asks for a peshi.
Hareem gives her old clothes to the maid Farzana but Rabia gives it to Seher. Hareem tries to intervene but her mother scolds her. Seher looks at Zamin as if he will say something. Are you insane? The man has no spine.

Zamin, Hareem and their cheepo cousin Rafey are playing cards. It makes Zamin jealous, so much that he is distracted and can’t focus on the meeting.

Rafey is over friendly but thankfully Munazza has open eyes. She asks Seher to be careful around Rafey and even tries to talk to Waqar but he dismisses her suspects. Waqar still reconsiders Rafey’s actions in the morning, though. At office, Zamin and Waqar discuss Seher.

Rafey is serious about Seher, although his actions are a bit over the top. He asks Hareem to help him as he wants to marry Seher. Seher talks to Waqar, tells him everything and requests him to do something about Rafey. Similarly, Zamin asks Waqar to fix things.

Munazza deals with the situation better, as she approaches Rabia directly, hoping she is the only person capable to put an end to this. However, Rabia goes overboard as she starts Seher’s character assassination. She slaps Seher once but the second time Zamin holds her hand. OMG!


After Rabia humilicates Seher by giving her Hareem’s old clothes, Hareem confronts her mother, to which Rabia says:

اس دو ٹکے کی لڑکی کے لیے اپنی ماں سے لڑ رہی ہو۔

It reminds me of a similar dialogue from Mere Paas Tum Ho. There was a big outrage on that dialogue, boxing it as anti -feminist. Why? I mean, people use these words every day, for both genders, for all age groups. Anyway, I digress.

By the way, Mashal is wearing too much make-up. Does anyone else feel that?

The 5th episode was a bit more interesting that previous ones, even though it was filled usual tropes. I would watch the next episode to see how Zamin justifies his action.

Alright, that was my review. What did you think of this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar

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