Character Profile: Colonel Ahmed Kamal Faridi

Note: This is a work in progress page and will be updated as I re-read and review every story. I would like to put a disclaimer. This is only my perception of the character. Don’t be offended by my opinion. Cheers!

This post will list everything we know about Colonel Ahmed Kamal Faridi.

1. Dilaer Mujrim (دلير مجرم)

This story introduces us to Faridi. He’s a 30-32 years old man with sleepy eyes. He is a disciplinarian. The first story is just a glimpse of the ultimate detective in the making. Faridi is observant, notices and remembers the tiniest details about everything. He knows about snakes, dogs, guns, history, geography, science and every damn thing on the face of this earth. Is it a wonder that he was so popular? Who doesn’t want to be like him?

2. Khaufnaak Jungle (خوناک جنگل) (The Terrifying Jungle) – 1952

This story reminds us that Faridi isn’t interested in getting promoted. He doesn’t want monies either. He belongs to a rich family and the money and properties he has inherited are enough to last for seven generations. It is his khoji nature that has forced him to be an inspector. We are introduced to his other quirks – dogs, snakes, and whatnot.

3. Aurat Farosh ka Qatil (عورت فروش کا قاتل) (The Killer of Women-Merchant) – 1952

This story highlights a few character traits of Faridi.

  1. Wherever he goes, Someone gets killed. This theme repeats so often that people start calling them manhoos.
  2. Acute sense of hearing. He hears a a gunshot above the loud music. He knows all the dances and the littlest nuances and differences between various dance forms. It has always fascinated me, but it isn’t something I’d ever want to learn. But in Faridi’s defense, in his own words, a detective must know these things. As you say, Colonel!
  3. He is often expected to be an old and grumpy guy and people are ALWAYS shocked to see such a young handsome man as the infamous Inspector A. K. Faridi.

4. Tijori ka Raaz (تجوری کا راز) (The Secret of the Safe) – 1952

This story shows a different side of Faridi. He can take up any challenge if people he knows and respect seek help from him.

5. Fareedi aur Leonard (فریدی اور لیونارڈ) (Fareedi and Leonard) – 1952

6. Pur-asraar kuNwaaN (پُراسرار کنواں) (The Mysterious Well) – 1952

Faridi has a romance bone in him, so it seems. He seems to be smitten by Ghazal’s beauty and tries really hard to flirt with her. The man who remembers the tiniest details fails to recall a romantic dialogue. You feel for him, but romance and him just doesn’t feel right. I have ranted more in Ghazala’s character profile.

7. KHatarnaak BooRha (خطرناک بوڑھا) (The Dangerous Old Man) – 1952

8. Masnooyi Naak (مصنوعی ناک) (The Artificial Nose) – 1952

9. Pur-asrar Aajnabee (پُراسرار انجبی) (The Mysterious Stranger) – 1952

Faridi has a terrific memory. One look at the deceased reminds him of the newspaper article; the comment that Hameed had made at the photograph; and the story about him. Isn’t that wonderful?

Also, he has a very keen observation. When they meet the crazy artist, he quickly learns that someone has smoked in that place. Since the artist himself doesn’t smoke, it has to be someone else. Again, this is one skill that makes him the great sleuth that he is.

10. AHmaQoaN ka Chakkar (احمقوں کا چکر) (The Case of the Fools) – 1952

PaHaaRoaN ki Malika (پہاڑوں کی ملکہ) (The Queen of the Mountains) – 1952

Maut ki Aandhi (موت کی آندھی) (The Death Storm) – 1953

Heeray ki Kaan (ہیرے کی کان) (The Diamond Mine) – 1953

Tijoari ka Geet (تجوری کا گیت) (The Song of the Safe) – 1953

AatiSHi Paranda (آتشی پرندہ) (The Fiery Bird) – 1953

KHooni PatTHar (خونی پتھر) (The Bloody Stone) – 1953

BHayanak Jazeera (بھیانک جزیرہ) (The Terrifying Island) – 1953

Ajeeb AawaazaiN (عجیب آوازیں) (The Strange Sounds) – 1953

RaQQasa ka Qat’l (رقاصہ کا قتل) (The Murder of a Dancer) – 1953

Neeli Raushni (نیلی روشنی) (The Blue Light) – 1953

SHahi NaQQarah (شاہی نقارہ) (The Royal Drum) – 1953

KHoon ka Dirya (خون کا دریا) (The River of Blood) – 1953

Qatil SaNgraezay (قاتل سنگرزے) (The Killer Pebbles) – 1953

PatTHar ki CheeKH (پتھر کی چیخ) (The Cry of the Stone) – 1954

KHaufnaak HaNgaama (خافناک ہنگامہ) (The Terrifying Racket) – 1954

DuHra Qat’l (دوہرا قتل) (The Double Murder) – 1954

CHaar Shikari (چار شکاری) (The Four Hunters) – 1954

Be-guna Mujrim (بے گناہ مجرم) (The Innocent Criminal) – 1954

LaSHooN ka AabShaar (لاشوں کا آبشار) (The Waterfall of Corpses) – 1954

MooNCHh MoonDnay Wali (مونچھ مونڈنے والی) (The Moustache Shaver Lady) – 1954

GeetoaN key DHamaakey (گیتوں کے دھماکے) (The Explosions of Songs) – 1954

SiyaaH PoasH LuTaerA (سیاہ پوش لٹیرا) (The Black Clad Robber) – 1954

Bur’f key BHoot (برف کے بھوت) (The Snow Ghosts) – 1954

Pur-haul SannAaTa (پُرہول سناٹا) (The Fearful Silence) – 1954

CHeeKHtay DareeCHay (چیختے دریچے) (The Crying Doors) – 1954

KHatarnaak DuSHman (خطرناک دشمن) (The Dangerous Enemy) – 1955

Jungle ki Aag (جنگل کی آگ) (The Fire of Forest) – 1955

KuChlee Hui LaaSH (کچلی ہوئی لاش) (The Crushed Corpse) – 1955

AndHaeray ka ShahiSHah (اندھیرے کا شہنشاہ) (The Emperor of the Darkness) – 1955

Pur-asrar Wasi’yat (پُراسرار وصیت) (The Mysterious Will) – 1955

Maut ki ChaTaan (موت کی چٹان) (The Rock of Death) – 1955

Neeli Lakeer (نیلی لکیر) (The Blue Line) – 1955

Tareek SA’aye (تاریک سائے) (The Dark Shadows) – 1955

Saazish ka Jaal (سازش کا جال) (The Conspiracy Trap) – 1955

KHooni Bagoolay (خونی بگولے) (The Bloody Whirlwinds) – 1955

LaSHoaN ka Saudagar (لاشوں کا سوداگر) (The Merchant of Corpses) – 1955

Haulnaak Veeranay (ہولناک ویرانے) (The Frightening Wilderness) – 1955

Leonard ki Waapsi (لیونارڈ کی واپسی) (The Return of Leonard) – 1956

No Jasoosi Dunya book published on this number. (It was mistakenly allotted to Imran series book, BHayanak Aadmi)

Pagal KHanay ka Qaidee (پاگل خانے کا قیدی) (The Prisoner of the Asylum) – 1956

SHoaloaN ka NaaCH (شعلوں کا ناچ) (The Dance of the Flames) – 1956

GiyaarHwaaN Zeenaa (گیارہواں زینہ) (The Eleventh Step) – 1956

SurKH DA’irah (سرخ دائرہ) (The Red Circle) – 1956

KHooNKHwaar LaRkiyaaN (خونخوار لڑکیاں) (The Infuriated Girls) – 1956

SsA’ay ki LaaSH (سائے کی لاش) (The Corpse of Silhouette) – 1956

Pehla Shoala (پہلا شعلہ) (The First Flame) – 1956

Doosra Shoala (دوسرا شعلہ) (The Second Flame) – 1956

Teesra Shoala (تیسرا شعلہ) (The Third Flame) – 1956

JaHannam ka Shoala (جہنم کا شعلہ) (The Hellfire) – 1956

ZeHreelay Teer (زہریلے تیر) (The Poisonous Arrows) – 1957

Paani ka DHuwAaN (پانی کا دھواں) (The Water Smoke) – 1957

LaaSH ka QeHqaHaa (لاش کا قہقہ) (The Laughter of the Corpse) – 1957

Daaktar Dread (ڈاکٹر ڈریڈ) (Dr. Dread) – 1957

Shaitaan ki MeHbooba (شیطان کی محبوبہ) (The Devil’s Lover) – 1957

AnoakHay RaQQas (انوکھے رقاص) (The Novel Dancers) – 1957

Pur-asrar Moojid (پُراسرار موجد) (The Mysterious Inventor) – 1957

Toofaan ka AGHwaa (طوفان کا اغوا) (The Abduction of Storm) – 1957

RA’ifal ka NaGHmaa (رائفل کا نغمہ) (The Song of the Rifle) – 1957

THanDi Aag (ٹھنڈی آگ) (The cold Fire) – 1957

Japaan ka Fitnaa (جاپان کا فتنہ) (The Hellion from Japan) – 1957

DuSHmanoaN ka SHeh’r (دشمنوں کا شہر) (The City of Enemies) – 1957

LaaSh ka Bulaawa (لاش کا بلاوا) (The Invitation of a Corpse) – 1958

Guard ka AGHwa (گارڈ کا اغوا) (The Abduction of Guard) – 1958

Shadi ka HaNgaama (شادی کا ہنگامہ) (The Racket of the Wedding) – 1958

Zameen key Badal (زمین کے بادل) (The Clouds of Earth) – 1958 [Also featuring Ali Imran]

WabA’ie Haijaan (وبائی ہیجان) (The Epidemic Agitation) – 1958

OoNCHaa Shikaar (اونچا شکار) (The Prized Victim) – 1958

Aawaarah SheHzaada (آوارہ شہزادہ) (Prince Loafer) – 1958

Chandni ka DHuA’N (چاندنی کا دھواں) (The Moonlight Smoke) – 1958

SaeNkRoaN HamSHak’l (سینکڑوں ہمشکل) (The Copious Twins) – 1958

LaRaakoaN ki Basti (لڑاکوں کی بستی) (The Town of the Fighters) – 1959

UlTee Tasweer (الٹی تصویر) (The Upturned Painting) – 1959

Chamkeela Ghubaar (چمکیلا غبار) (The Glittering Dust) – 1959

AnoakHee RaHzani (انوکھی رہزنی) (The Novel Robbery) – 1959

DHu’AaN UTH Raha Tha (دھواں اُٹھ رہا تھا) (The Rising Smoke) – 1959

Farhaad 59 (فرہاد 59) (Farhaad 59) – 1959

ZeHreela Aadmi (زہریلا آدمی) (The Poisonous Man) – 1963

Prince VehSHee (پرنس وحشی) (The Untamed Prince) – 1960

BayChara/BayChari (بیچارہ/بیچاری) (The Effeminate Man) – 1963

ISHaaroaN key Shikaar (اشاروں کے شکار) (The Victims of Signs) – 1964

SitAaroaN ki Maut (ستاروں کی موت) (The Death of Stars) – 1964

SitaroaN ki CheeKHaeN (ستاروں کے چیخیں) (The Screams of Stars) – 1964

SaatwaaN jazeerah (ساتواں جزیرہ) (The Seventh Island) – 1965

SHaitaani Jheel (شیطانی جھیل) (The Satanic Lake) – 1965

SuneHree ChingaariyaaN (سنہری چنگاریاں) (The Golden Sparks) – 1965

SeHmee hu’i LaRki (سہمی ہوئی لڑکی) (The Frightened Girl) – 1966

Qatil ka Haath (قاتل کا ہاتھ) (The Hand of the Killer) – 1966

Rulaaney Wali (رُلانے والی) (The Lady who made them Weep) – 1966

Tasweer ka DuSHman (تصویر کا دشمن) (The Enemy of the Picture) – 1967

Devpaekar Darandaa (دیو پیکر درندہ) (The Humongous Beast) – 1967

Tisdal ki Baedari (ٹسڈل کی بیداری) (The Awakening of Tisdle) – 1967

KHaufnaak Mansooba (خوفناک منصوبہ) (The Terrifying Plot) – 1968

TabaaHi ka KHwaab (تباہی کا خواب) (The Nightmare of Destruction) – 1968

MuHlik ShanaasA’ee (مہلک شناسائی) (The Fatal Acquaintance) – 1968

DHu’AaN Hu’i deewar (دھواں ہوئی دیوار) (The Smoked Wall) – 1969

KHooni RaiSHay (خونی ریشے) (The Killing Fibre) – 1969

Teesri Naagan (تیسری ناگن) (The Third Spirent) – 1969

Raegambaala (ریگم بالا) (Raegambala) – 1970

BHaRiyay ki Aawaaz (بھیڑیے کی آواز) (The Howling of Wolf) – 1970

Ajnabi ka Faraar (اجنبی کا فرار) (The Escape of the Stranger) – 1971

RauSHan Hayoola (روشن ہیولٰی) (The Blazing Aura) – 1971

Zard Fitna (زرد فتنہ) (The Yellow Hellion) – 1971

Rait ka Devta (ریت کا دیوتا) (The Sand God) – 1972

SaaNpoan ka MaseeHa (سانپوں کا مسیحا) (The Heeler of Snakes) – 1973

THanDa JaHannam (ٹھنڈا جہنم) (The Cold Hell) – 1973

Azeem HamaaQat (عظیم حماقت) (The Great Folly) – 1974

ZeHreela Sayaarah (زہریلا سیارہ) (The Deadly Planet) – 1975

Neelum ki Wapsi(نیلم کی واپسی) (The Return of Neelum) – 1976

Mauroosi Havas (مورثی ہوس) (The Inherited Lust) – 1976

DeHshat-gard (دہشت گر) (The Terrorist) – 1977

Shikaaree ParCHiyaaN (شکاری پرچھائیاں) (The Killer Shadows) – 1978

parCHiyoaN key Hamlay (پرچھائیوں کے حملے) (The Attack of Shadows) – 1978

SA’ayoaN ka TakrAa’O (سایوں کا ٹکراؤ) (The Showdown of Silhouettes) – 1978

Hamzaad ka Maskan (ہمزاد کا مسکن) (The Dwelling of the Other Self) – 1978

SehrA’ee Deewaanah-I (صحرائی دیوانہ) (The Desert Lunatic Part-1) – 1979

SehrA’ee Deewaanah-II (صحرائی دیوانہ) (The Desert Lunatic Part-2) – 1979