Yeh Dil Mera | Episode 5

The fifth episode of Yeh Dil Mera is out. It traverses through a predictable arc but entertains in part. Here is my review for the same.
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This episode begins as Ali Bakhsh calls Karachi to talk to Atiya, the maid-slash-informer.

Atiya gets carries away and talks a bit funnily about Farooq. Ali Bakhsh repeats his boss’ line: “Auqat mein reh kar baat kiya karo.”

Aina is assigned to work on a report and finish it in three hours. She refuses to go to a party, but Amaan is angry on smallest mistakes. Aina fixes her mistakes, finishes the report before leaving. The CEO is leaving around the same time and offers her to join him in the elevator.

Aina doesn’t want to, she is scared of confined spaces, we can see. Amaan offers to help but she shouts at her. She realizes that she’s abnormal and breaks down. Sajal gives a terrific performance, yet again.

Amaan contemplates talking to Aina, calls her but she’s sleeping. The next day he calls in for praising her for her report.

Humayun, the guy who has tarnished Zamaan’s business and his reputation, resigns from the company and leaves the country. Farooq’s lawyer Maqsood wants Humayun to be punished, but Farooq tells him that his mantra is to be unemotional and unhurried when dealing with anything related to business.

No, because he takes revenge instead. Humayun is dead.

We see another flashback where Amaan’s mother is playing piano. Back to present, Amaan is playing the same melody furiously and passes out.

Imam, the caretaker looks after him but the next morning Amaan is all set to go to a conference.

Aina and Amaan are seen chatting. Both are smiling, laughing, blushing. The whole time “mera nahin yeh Dil Mera” plays in the background. The moment the laptop lid is shut, the music changes as do his expressions.

I get it, he is trapping her by being cute and nice. Don’t throw it in our faces every time.

It is Farooq’s seventh marriage anniversary.

Sahira is ready to celebrate it but Farooq is late and the woman awakens the lion by talking rubbish about Aina.

Just look at his face, woman!

One small note, even the character we have never seen, has a name. I wish the same rule was applied to Kahin Deep Jaley.

What’s your opinion on this episode?

Shabana Mukhtar