Thora Sa Haq | Episode 6



I felt like I am watching Indian drama. The way every characters face was zoomed in, followed by a high octane music for one good minute.

Rabia takes it out on Munazza and breaks a few things.

She insults her openly and generously, and how does Munazza respond?

She says she will talk to Zamin. Why?

Zamin storms out.

Hareem asks Zamin to stay so she can handle her mother but he doesn’t listen.

Zamin raises the basic question: why doesn’t Rabia have control over her anger?

Instead of chatting with him, you should have been with your mother. Don’t you think?

Well, she does, eventually. But Rabia isn’t willing to listen to anybody.

Rabia reminds me of a certain someone who is short tempered. Me 🙂

Zamin is feeling bad for Seher. I told your, this is how circumstantial nikaah stories shape up.

At home, Seher is worried about him, too. Donon taraf hai aag barabar lagi huyi…

Seher gets a call from khala. She asks her if Zamin loves her. I didn’t know aunts talk that way. I mean, I would have understood if Seher’s friend was being so inquisitive.

There is only one person who can control Rabia – Iftekhar.

Rabia and him plan for Seher’s marriage. Rabia chooses a middle aged widowed man Anwar, father of four kids.

Rafey decides to leave the house. Munazza is upset that Rabia is upset with her. She tries to explain to Zamin, that his future is tied to Hareem. He doesn’t listen. Does she stop? No. All her worries are centered around Rabia, even if it means Seher be slapped.

Shan Baig as Rafay
Shan Baig as Rafay

The next day, when Seher comes to give her coffee, she asks her the reason behind her flat out refusal to marry Rafey.

“Do you like someone else?”

Yes, your son. She is married to him.

Rabia forces Seher to apologize to Rafey, whereas Rafey and Hareem act as simple onlookers. Wow! 

But, of course, later Rafey gathers courage and speaks to Seher, that he truly, madly, deeply, genuinely loves her.

To mourn this, she’s sitting outside in the lawn. Convenient, so Waqar and Zamin can see her.

Munazza overhears their conversation. I don’t understand the significance of the scene. I mean, there was nothing revealed so Munazza hearing it doesn’t make a difference.



Saba Faisal is given loud colours, loud makeup and strange hairstyles to give her a villainous look.

This drama reminds me of the childhood anxiety. When we watched film and there was something the viewers knew and the characters didn’t, we used to do running commentary. This review is written like that, with a commentary on each scene.

By the way, Ayeza has lost so much weight. She looks like an skeleton, almost.

Trivia: Saba Faisal wears the same locket in Kahin Deep Jaley. So, it is her personal locket, I assume.