Zebaish | Episode 3

This drama is boring.

The Showbiz Side

Parvez cannot stop flirting with Shahana. Bushra’s makeup is so nicely done. She’s the contrast of her look in Deewar-e-Shab. Javed is drinking to forget about his pain but his prospect client talks about Shahana and Javed loses his mind. He has one track mind.

Javed ruins Shahana’s interview with HUM News (nice plug, by the way). Tashi, Munshi’s daughter, teases her mother about Javed. Who does that?

Tashi is quite ambitious. She’s willingly accepts all the gifts from Javed and her encounter with her supposed ashiq tells us that she’s looking for a man who earns a lot. Bhai waah!

Nadeem, Shahana’s son loves his father more. What about that? Javed, in turn, asks to marry Munshi’s wife.

The Aastana Side

Naushi and her mother have escaped and have arrived at a dargah. One day at dargah and both have already begun to realize their place in the cruel world.

One moment, they are weeping. The next moment, they are discussing how to get justice. Kuch bhi ho raha hai.

The policewomen at the dargah have evil plans about the two women.

One of the women there asks them to run away.


They escape and Nadra forces Naushi to eat something. They don’t have money, so? A rich woman, Shahana, is giving away meal boxes. And she recognizes Nadra, just like that.


I don’t want to say this but Asma Abbas and Zara Noor Abbas both have hammed their way in this drama. Masha’allah everyone is overacting in this drama.

My first impression of Zara was not nice. I hated her voice, her laugh, everything. Then I grew fond of her, primarily because of her husband Asad. He’s handsome. Now, with her portrayal of Naushaba, I am back to square one. Strange, huh?

I was quite reluctant to watch this episode but I am not sure if I should denounce it or not.

Until next review…

Shabana Mukhtar