Telefilm Review: Aik Se Badh Kar Aik


“Aik Se Badh Kar Aik” is a telefilm written by Faisal Shirazi and directed by Furqan Siddiqui. The film aired on ARY Digital on Eid-ul-adha 2019.



Nayyar Ejaz as Mushtaque: A butcher, owner of Mushtaque Beef House

Nayyar Ejaz as Mushtaque

Gul-e-Rana as Mother

Gul-e-Rana as Mother

Amhad Hassan as Asif Pajama: Mushtaque’s assistant and hoping to be his father-in-law)

Amhad Hassan as Asif Pajama

Minal Khan as younger daughter Naheed. A lazy girl who lives in the world of dreams.

Minal Khan as younger daughter Naheed

Maira Khan as Shaheda aka Shaddo: Mushtaque’s elder daughter who got married to Siraj thinking he ‘loved’ her.

Shaheda (Elder sister)

Adnan Shah Tipu as Siraj: Shaddo’s husband. A lazy and greedy man who demands respect and protocol. Yeah, right!

Adnan Shah Tipu as Siraj

And a couple more characters that appear here and there.

Customer who talks about moving to Defense
Customer who laughs at Mushtaque for
his changed attitude after winning the prize bond
Faraz – Naheed’s greedy boyfriend
Khan - who is after Siraj for his 5000 rupees
Khan – who is after Siraj for his 5000 rupees


Mushtaque is a butcher. His family and him dream of living in Defense.

Naheed is stupidly romantic and lazy. She doesn’t like her father’s profession and constantly nags him to do something else. Asif openly flirts with Naheed and Naheed shamelessly insults him.

Siraj has borrowed money from a Pathan (a caricature of Pathan – all Pathan representations are just the same). threatens him for his money and goes back, ignorant of his prize bond falling from his pocket. lies through his teeth and sells the bond to Abba. They win 3 crore rupees and move to a posh bungalow in Defense Colony.

However, after moving there, they don’t like their new life as much. Naheed secretly meets a boy and steals money and jewellery to give it to him. The family suspects Siraj. And why not? He is greedy afterall.

Asif finds the truth about Naheed and money. To save her, he takes the blame for the theft. Awnnn. Isn’t that cute?

Long story short, Mushtaque accepts Asif as his younger son-in-law. They move back to their old house.

I like Siraj’s portrayal of a demanding damaad. We see such people with fake ego around us. I also like the subtle message that one should always remember their roots.

In terms of performance, everyone has done a good job essaying their roles. Ahmad Hassan never fails to amaze me as he completely owns the character, changing not just his appearance but also his body language. In one scene, he sings ‘Asif Pajama Naam Hai’ like Himesh Reshammiya. It was hilarious. I like Himesh Reshammiya’s music, by the way. Read this post to know why.


A short and funny story with some good performances. I’d say watch it.

Thanks for reading my review of Aik Se Badh Kar Aik telefilm. Stay tuned for more reviews.