I have my custom domain now, hurrah!

Good morning!

I have an important announcement to make, peeps. I just opted for the business plan on wordpress. People don’t take me seriously as a writer when they see my website link as https://theothermeunfolded.wordpress.com.

I had the biggest decision to make yesterday – decide the domain name. For branding, if I may call it that, I wanted to the domain shabanamukhtar.com.

But that would be me. Isn’t this website about the other me?

For one year, at least, I am going with https://theothermeunfolded.com/.

Now that I have access to plugins and more themes, I will refactor redesign my website again.

I hope to monetize the website some time in future. Yikes, just the thought is making me anxious. If anyone has any feedback, free tips; please do comment.

I am open to accept book review requests again. I have not entertained one since April, 2019, if I remember correctly.

Before I sign off, thanks to all the visitors and fellow bloggers. You give me reasons to blog everyday.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. PoojaG says:

    You’re welcome!

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