Raja Ki Raji

Raja Ki Raji is a romantic comedy telefilm, written by Misbah Ali Syed and directed by Angeline Melik,. This is Eid special and you know how I love Eid telefilms.

Alright, without much further ado, let’s get to it.

Groom’s side

Shahzad Shaikh as Ayaz

A good-for-nothing boy who is crazy about getting married. Unsurprisingly, neither his sister, not his sister-in-law are too keen on getting him married.

Tipu As elder brother

Tharki man

Sana Askari as bhabhi

Fayaz’s wife; Ayaz’s bhabhi. She is the stereotypical bhabhi who doesn’t want her dewar to get married, just so she keeps getting his monies.

Nadiya Hussain Ayaz’s aapa

Ayaz’s selfish elder sister

Bride’s Side

Yumna Zaidi as Haya

Ultra fashionable but dil se dehati and dreaming about her marriage much like Mahjabeen in Pyar Ke Sadqay.

Saba Hameed as Haya’s mother

Haya’s strict mother who has high dreams for her daughter’s marriage.

Khalid Anam as her father

Hyper loving father. His profession is kept a secret until the very last. It is not much of a surprise, though.

Plot Summary and Review

Incidentally bhabhi and aapa are wearing same colour combination red orange and white. Coincidence!

Is it just me or Shahzad Shaikh has not grown old in all these years?

So aapa tasks him to be the watchman. Love at first sight of course.

Yumna’s character is a daydreamer, wanting to marry, poor at studies, still hyper confident of herself. If the character’s uncannily resemblence to  Mahjabeen from Pyar Ke Sadqay bothers you, you are not alone. I see a pattern here. The telefilm makers pick the most happening jodi of the year and ask them to channelize of their most memorable characters from that year, and a half-baked romantic comedy and bam, you have a Eid Special telefilm.

I digress. Haya’s mother is strict and bluntly tells her: “Don’t buy tight clothes.” Nice! We don’t see this often on the television. We need this reminder from time to time, don’t we?

Haye Dil Bechara from Parey Hut Love that movie played so many times; I have began to hate that song now. Why I like/hate the song, is a different story for some other time.

Bhabhi uses Ayaz’s good nature to make him buy stuff. When she talks freely with her friend, Ayaz overhears this and is brokenhearted. There is only one thing that still makes him happy – her thought. And she dreams about him. DonoN taraf hai aag barabar lagi huyi…

Ayaz gets a job, finally. Now there is only one more thing to go for his haiipily ever after – marriage. Bhabhi and aapa both find unsuitable matches and yet demand his full salary.

Haya pretends to be cuckoo in front of rishta aunty. There is not much plot so much as a string of unrelated funny scenes that alternate between hero and heroine’s family. Bhabhi also steals money from Ayaz.

Bhabhi and Haya run into each other at a shoe store; they squabble over a pair of shoes and end up with mismatched shoes. Haya and Ayaz go to return the shoes, together, on his bike. Bhai waah!

Then comes the most unexpected plot reveal – Ayaz’s mother and Haya’s mother were friends. She casually suggests that she will find a match for him, we know she has her own daughter on mind.

Everybody is selfish. And, Ayaz doesn’t say no. Doesn’t he like Haya? The scene cuts to Ayaz inviting his Bhabhi and aapa to his wedding. They get married, and eventually Sadique Hussain, Haya’s father’s name and profession is revealed in second last scene – Qasai. The whole time Haya and her mother bicker saying that they don’t want a man of lowly profession for Haya’s spouse. This is what they were hiding. This was the foreshadowing. It was done right, just that the surprise was not so shockinh, a tain-tain-fish.

The most absurd telefilm I have ever watched. And to think that I waited the year for Pakistani Eid special telefilms.

Never, never again.