Telefilm Review: Khala Pangan Ka Sangam


Telefilm Details

Title: Khala Pangan Ka Sangam

Channel: ARY Digital

Written By: Saba Hassan

Directed by: Saife Hassan

Cast: Waseem Abbas, Javeria Saud, Asad Siddiqui, Sana Askari


It amazed me how only four characters can tell such a nice and hilarious story.

The characters

Waseem Abbas: Sabir Miyan aka Mamu Kut Kut, the landlord

Javeria Saud: Parveen Begum aka Khala Pangan, the tenant

Asad Siddiqui: Baala, Mamun Kutkut’s nephew.

Sana Askari: Fatto, Khala Pangan’s neice

There are two more characters – Fatto’s friend and another woman who is helping Fatto find a suitor.

The Plot

All characters have their own ‘issues’.

Parveen Begum hates all mankind. Mamun Kutkut has given his house for rent and is troubled by the bossy and almost threatening tenant. Fatto likes to flirt and have affairs. She is living to get married. Her khala, however, is doing everything in her power to NOT let that happen. Baala needs a job.

The story starts with Parveen and Fatto living on a rent Mamun Kutkut’s house. Parveen Begum is shown to be a misogynist. She talks with a little royal touch. They don’t pay the rent. They take money from the landlord to cook meals for him.

When Baala arrives, Fatto and him instantly like each other, but they would not get married until their elders do. They start to play cupid between Khala Pangan and Mamun Kutkut.

The tussle between the landlord and tenants is hilarious. Every single sentence and every single scene can send you in splits. It is a fun drama and I recommend it to all who seek some light moments and entertainment after a stressful day.

The Cast

Waseem Abbas is a fine actor and delivers a flawless performance.

I have loved Javeria in all the talk shows that I had seen her. How beautiful she is and what a remarkable  actor she is.

Most of other works I have watched that stars Asad Siddiqui shows him in high class elitist boy. This one was a surprise change – just like Adnan Siddiqui in ‘Uff Yeh Padosi’.

Last but not the least, Sana Askari. The girl is so dynamic and versatile in her performances.


There are some inconsistencies in addressing elders. Fatto calls her khala ‘tu’ and ‘tum’ intermittently. Same applies to Baala. But that can be overlooked.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars


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