Telefilm Review: Pyar Kahani


Pyar Kahani is a telefilm written by and directed by Ahsan Talish, the man who gave us a treat like Suno Chanda and Suno Chanda 2.

Plot & Review

The telefilm starts on an interesting note – a note close to my heart. Masha Rehman (Hania Amir), author of 4 best selling novels who is superstitious. She is busy working on a story when her mother (Fazila Qaiser), a beauty parlour owner, calls her to make chapatis. Masha whines that authors should not need to do these mundane chores.

Hating the house chores when writing, +1

On the other side, we meet Salaar Irfani (Asim Azhar), CEO of a multi-millionaire business Irfani Groups of Industries (because groups of Industries is very convenient. I am going to use that in my novel in future). He is crazy about writing and publishing a novel when his business minded father intervenes. He suggests him to hire 10-15 writers to write for him and he can publish those stories under his name.
Talking about Ghost Writing, +1

But, he gets rejected by every publisher and even some seasoned authors steal his story instead of publishing it under his name. Poor Salaar!

In the meeting, Salaar messes up the meeting and gets fired.

Salaar -> Is it written by Umaira Ahmed? Let me check. Nah! Just kidding.

The ever charming Saifi Hassan plays Gullu Bhai, the editor of By the way,  I had typed webservices by default. The software developer in me never leaves me alone.

The book is about to be published but she refuses to give her photograph for back cover.

When he’s waiting for the lift, she runs into Salaar.

Salaar writes a criticizing email to Masha and her friend makes a big deal out of it. Salaar and his painter friend, on the other hand, discuss how she must look, as nobody has seen her, yet.

The email exchange continues. They meet, Masha convinces her friend Sumbul to pretend to be Masha. Salaar tricks her into giving inputs for his novel. Masha genuinely cares about him. A lot of comedy and some drama happens and the story ends on a HEA note.


Hania and Asim, the real life couple, is playing the lead, which is interesting. I have seen Asim act before. I must admin that he had grown as an actor and has stopped overacting. Kudos to Asim.

By the way, why is wearing earphones permanently? Why?

Hania is cute as ever and looks good in her non-glam avatar. She’s so pretty. If someone in the Lollywood is reading this, please make Uff Haniya into a telefilm and cast Hania. Oh, I digress. In this telefilm, I like her particularly when she’s scolding Sumbul over phone, to behave.

Other characters have very few scenes but Saifi Hassan shines as the editor. His paan stained teeth and slightly greedy and demanding nature adds to the essence of the character.


Do watch to relax a bit and have a few laughs.

What’s that book in the background? Can I have a pdf for the same, please? I am so greedy when it comes to books.

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Shabana Mukhtar