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So, offices started in April 2022, and I had to come back from my native place. This isn’t a good feeling, to say the least. And, to make things worse, I didn’t pack well in advance.

In the 20 months that I lived with my parents thanks to the lockdown, I have filled my wardrobe, like literally filled it. So much so that it’s spilling now. Also, in the three trips that I made to Pune during those 20 months, I took all my clothes back to my hometown.

Now, with sooo manyyy clothes already in the cupboard, I was still stupid to not pack them all. You see, I’m not entirely thrilled about re-opening of offices–Nobody is. I didn’t really want to come back to Pune, and I still think that this is all temporary and I would soon be back to my hometown, with my family, with my people.

Deeming it all temporary, I didn’t pack much. No, scratch that. I didn’t pack at all. Even though I knew Ramzan’s would start before office would. Now, every year in Ramzan, it’s my ritual to wear all new clothes and pray. Kehte hain ki naye kapdon par Ramzan mein ibadat ho toh qayamat mein uss ka hisaab nahin dena hoga.

Ab naye kapde toh hain nahin, but I so want to wear new ones.

There is only one simple solution.

Apni dukaan… Amazon…

I spent about ten minutes on Amazon and ended up ordering two.

And this one:



Both are fit-and-flare full-length gowns in American crepe, and I love this style. The best part is that the actual outfit looks exactly like the photo. They haven’t cheated, which is rare when you get something at such economic price (INR 278, ONLY).

This isn’t the first time I purchased from this brand. I already have a gorgeous mustard gown from 2020.

Back in 2020, the reason for buying this gown was the same. After lockdown, there was no way to go home, and Amazon had just started delivering goods. I was in desperate need of some new dresses, and this one had caught my eye. It cost me INR 431 back then, and I felt that it was very economic.

Now, they have more colours and designs to choose from (almost 20 patterns, you guys), and the prices have dropped to INR 278 ONLY. Itne mein to ek pizza bhi nahin aata.

I’m not promoting or anything, nor do I get any money from this brand or Amazon, but this is a good deal. You get two dresses in less than 600 bucks. What more do you want?

Go ahead and place your order.

PS: this isn’t an affiliate post. I shared about it because I am a genuine buyer and Amazon aficionado.

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. liza says:

    oo! nice :)) haven’t been there

  2. I’m from Orange City nagpur 🙂

  3. liza says:

    ah for some weird reason i can’t see the dress 🙁 but i’m curious, where is your hometown btw?

    mine is actually kerala, and it’s been two years since i’ve gone back home to visit my grandparents 🙁 I’m finally going back in june! for month..

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