Shopping Spree | Ramzan 2022 | Fourth Shopping

Yep, it happened again. I really hope this is my last shopping this Ramzan. My reason is simple: this isn’t for me.

After buying two maxi dresses for myself, I kinda sorta felt guilty that I didn’t get anything for my sis. She wasn’t complaining, not at all, because she isn’t readymade dresses kinda person. But you know the itch of adding to cart. I had already selected a couple of dresses and I really wanted to buy them even if they weren’t for me.

The fabric, the colour, the pattern, everything is exactly like the picture. 

The second one is in navy blue colour, and I love the pattern.


This last one, I ordered for my size. Hey, I can buy one of I’m buying two for my sister, right?

This was fun. I hope to control my Amazon splurge to a minimum now.

Shabana Mukhtar

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