Shopping Spree | Ramzan 2022 | Second Shopping

If you have read my previous post Ramzan 2022 | First Shopping, you know that I shop only when necessary. I don’t willy nilly go to any e-commerce website and order things. Oh, no, I don’t. I would never do that.

I kid of course, and I do everything I just said I don’t. I don’t need any reason to shop, and I shamelessly spend 10-15 minutes a day on apni dukaan Amazon scrolling through various categories. In my defense, I barely proceed to purchase anything, and when I do, I do try to justify it, mostly because my mother scolds me like anything.

Today’s reason for buying something was two-fold.

  1. Amazon gave me a generous reward for my previous month’s shopping. (I had ordered an iPhone, it’s not for me. I use a very economic phone which doesn’t cost s kidney, you know 😉 ).
  2. Since I’m a DIY girl, and I’m in Pune now so I can’t stitch my Eid dress. I will need one dress for Eid, right.

So, off I go, Looking for something that will be summer-friendly.And viola… I found a very basic salwar kameez with half sleeves which is just perfect for Summer Eid.


It is perfect for the current weather in Nagpur, and the colour is exactly how it looks in the picture. It is slightly loose per the size chart but that works for me because I like loosely fitted dresses. It was heavily discounted, and at INR 407, this was quite a bargain. I can’t wait to put it on and see how it looks on me.

I also bought a backpack for office since my old one is 6 years old and is completely worn-off. 

I’m hoping this is my last shopping for Ramzan. 

But you never know what tempts me again 😀

Until next shopping haul… 

PS: this isn’t an affiliate post. I shared about it because I am a genuine buyer and Amazon aficionado.

Shabana Mukhtar

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