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Q: What Happens When A Gangster’s Daughter And His Trusted Employee Suddenly Dissapear?

A: Afrah Tafreeh

Don’t Miss Out An Entertainment Packed Telefilm Afrah Tafreeh Featuring Kubra Khan And Bilal Khan As The Leads.

Cast & Characters

Kubra Khan as Khushi

The rich heroine

Bilal Khan as Ameer

The poor hero, only naam ka ameer

Javed Shaikh as Jamshed Bandookwala

Khushi’s “don” father

Sameena Ahmad as dadi

Khushi’s grandmother and Jamshed’s mother

Ayaz Sammo as Manager

Jamshed’s manager and Ameer’s boss

Rasheed Farooqi as Baba (Dey Taali)

The baba who predicts that Ameer’s life is about to change

Plot Summary

Jamshed Bandookwala is a self-confessed don who runs a chain of hotels. In one such hotel, he has asked his mother and his daughter Khushi to come and stay as he has arranged for a family to come and see Khushi. He wants to marry off Khushi to a guy of his choice. Dadi, on the other hand, is quite progressive. She asks Khushi to go and live her life, you know…

“Ja Khushi, jee ley apni zindagi…”

Well, not in as many words, but you get the drift.

Then we meet the other protagonist of the telefilm: Ameer. He works at the reception at JB hotel, but sleeps most of the time. His manager is a big chaploos with “anything for you, sir” catchphrase. Ameer is humiliated for sleeping at work, and is made to clean Jamshed’s car. He is pissed, and decides to take off in his boss’s car.

But someone else joins him on the run–Khushi.

And thus begins a romantic comedy.

After initial long banter, the two get along well. Ameer takes Khushi to the beach where she breaths freely without her guards. Ameer also takes Khushi to a dhaba, even though he doesn’t have enough cash on him. They spend a night together (not literally), and become like the best of friends.

Khushi even takes Ameer home where the duo meets dadi, and she approves of Ameer.

Back in the hotel, Jamshed is torturing manager and holding him responsible for this supposed kidnapping.

Long story short, Ameer brings Khushi home. Khushi wants to marry Ameer, only to be told by Jamshed that Ameer is a greedy little man.

“He brought you home to get a hotel in his name,” Jamshed tells Khushi.

The conflict resolves almost automatically after Ameer runs into the “dey taali” baba. But then, there wasn’t much time for a more satisfactory resolution.


The Eid special movies are generally a rom-com with little romance and over the top comedy. And Afrah Tafreeh is not different. Khushi already falls in love with him after one night, that was a bit much. Love at first sight isn’t the most favourite romance trope of mine. This wasn’t love at first sight, but close to it, because they didn’t spend much time together.

As for the performance, Kubra Khan and Sameena Ahmad do well for their respective parts. Bilal Khan isn’t as polished as I had hoped him to be. Javed saheb and Ayaz Sammo ham their way from the first scene to the last one.

But overall, a one-time watch.


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Shabana Mukhtar