Sabaat | Episode 21


Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat (episode 21). It aired on September 21, 2020.


رشتے بے لوث ہوتے ہیں۔

The worst of Sabaat has happened. Haaris leaves his clinic for Meeral. And Hassan’s behaviour had changed towards Anaya. Both are events that that I had anticipated but wanted to be proven wrong.

Need I say more?

I must. Because that’s why people are here. Hassan gets a call from titli who forces him to come to office. Hassan quits, despite Yasir Qureshi’s mind games.

Atif gets a new assignment from Meeral – find something in Anaya’s office that would make Hassan take the final step.

مایوسی دلوں میں وسوسے پیدا کرتی ہے۔

Aur main iss drama se mayoos ho chuki hoon.

Hassan’s expressions during the birthday celebration is so effing good. This boy is charming and talented both.

Mawra as as pretty as ever, especially in the birthday yellow dress.

Oh, and Usman Mukhtar is my new crush after Baris Arduç.

Shabana Mukhtar

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