Sabaat | Episode 22


Alright, let’s begin the review of the latest episode of Sabaat (episode 22). It aired on September 13, 2020.

Fully intoxicated by Atif’s shit, Hassan fights with Anaya and talks rubbish. Anaya is already a sorted character but she should have fought back. I guess that’s saved for later. Thank goodness for the doorbell. Hassan’s mother pays a timely visit to save Anaya. By the way, Anaya’s parents are sidelines ever since this tell-Hassan-shit-about-Anaya track has started. Uncool!

The next morning, Anaya still tries to patch up, but Hassan is being Meeral’s brother and snaps for no reason. Hassan has also started smoking.

Tina isn’t happy about Yasir’s changed attitude and she wants revenge. She tries to manipulate him by saying her family knows about him, and that he should marry him. Hassan’s prophecy becomes true. Yasir not only humiliates her but also asks her to resign, stat.

Haris is not happy about quitting his job and he tries to talk to Meeral again. His efforts are vain because Meeral doesn’t listen to him. She offers him a position in her company; money to start his business; but she doesn’t let him do the one thing he wants – practice. Haris decides to join clinic nonetheless. Poor man doesn’t know that the previous patient he treated has not recovered. His crazy wife is so mean. I can’t even. I don’t like such portrayals even if they depict the reality.

Atif has hired a man to fabricate lies about Anaya and Jehangir. All Zahid says is that Anaya is efficient. Given Hassan’s mindset, there is one only way he thinks – that Anaya is corrupt. Jehangir treats Anaya as his daughter but circumstances give spying Atif another opportunity. While Anaya learns about the pregnancy, Hassan believes that Anaya has an affair with Jehangir.

Is it the last draw? Will Hassan leave her? Anaya should leave him.

Let’s wait till the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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