Coke Studio Season 12 | Episode 6 | Bo Giyam | Nimra Rafiq & Kashif Din

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Newcomer Kashif Din is joined by Coke Studio backing vocalist Nimra Rafiq in Bo Giyam, fusing Burushaski and Urdu in a song bemoaning the disappointment of unrequited love.

Produced by: Rohail Hyatt

Coke Studio Season 12, Episode 6


I only understand the Urdu lyrics, and Nimra has done a good job with Urdu section.

Kashif Din’s voice is melodious. Even though the lyrics is beyond comprehension. There is a sense of poise and calmness in the music arrangement and that makes this song special. It calms you, instead of making your blood boil. Some songs do that, you know!

A very nice addition to Coke Studio.

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