A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w49

This week was fun.

I am working on a new technology. Though it is a challenge, it is also quite fulfilling, a welcome change from the same old routine work. I don’t want to blog about technical stuff, else I would have shared some insights about the same.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving this Tuesday.

Yep, we are a bit late but that’s how it is. So, the idea is to collect money, have food and game stalls to raise money for NGOs.

One might think that we can just collect money and donate, right? No, because that doesn’t give people a change to waste time on innumerable planning meetings and a reason to make noise. SO.MUCH.NOISE.

Often times, I feel that the little child in people refuses to grow up. I don’t mind that. But, when that child resurfaces time and again, it starts to bother me. Why? Cuz we are in professional setting. Be grown ups and shut the **** up.

Anyway, so this year’s plan was to have lunch together – the entire department and then setup food stalls etc. TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY, my dear!

This is one of those events where I must mark my attendance, so I was all set to put on my fake smile and fake hyper-excited persona for lunch. I joined the vegetarian end of the table.

Just as one would expect, there were questions.

Shabana, why are you eating Veg Biryani?

Seeing or knowing a Muslim, there are two things that people assume.

  1. S/He a terrorist
  2. S/He eats meat

Well, I have not been accused of terrorism, yet but I am always asked why I don’t eat non-veg. it should not offend me because I do eat meat but why assume?

So, I gave my usual reply. A very boring and predictable conversation followed.

“I don’t eat outside,” I replied.

“Oh, the halal thing?” the next question was also very predictable.

Yes, the halal thing. I said, “no, I don’t much like the preparation.”

“So, you make it at home.”


“How often?”

None of your business. But I smiled. “Once in a week.”

“You should bring it for us some time.”

Yeah, right. Cuz you’re my bestie. “I don’t cook,” I cleared. I really don’t, certainly not for others.

“Then, you should learn to cook, cook it and bring it for us.”

Why should I?

I understand, it was just an attempt to making polite lunch table conversation, but there should be some boundaries, too, right? I mean, we could have talked about inflation, weather, movies without anyone giving an impression that one lunch together has turned us into best friends forever and that now I should bring food for them.

Today is Friday and chocolate treat was yummy.


Stop drooling over it.

Let’s talk about the writing aspect.

NaNoWriMo is over and my plans to publish a novella in December doesn’t seem to work.

I am revieweing 9 dramas right now. Phew!

Since drama reviews took most of my time, I didn’t get to review books, not a single one.


How was your week? Did you read / watch anything interesting?

Shabana Mukhtar

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