Episode 1 – Bol Hu: Nescafe Basement Season 5


This review is an opinion of a music listener. I have no musical background or technical expertise. If anybody disagrees with anything in this post… well, they will have to live with it. I can’t help them 🙂

Non Review Rant

My brother is here to spend his free time before his classes for masters start. He shares some of my interests. I am a coke studio fan. He listens to Nescafe basement. We both like to write. We are very opinionated.

Anyway, ever since he has come, he has been pestering me to listen to ‘Bol Hu’.  That’s when I heard about the song.

The Song

Take the spiritual journey of “Bol Hu” with us and let it surprise you. An original by Soch featuring 8-year-old Hadia, Bol Hu is a soul-searching trance of belief and devotion, braving the test of time as it has within it, the strength of the universe.


Vocalists: Adnan & Hadiya

Guitarists: Zain, Sherry, Rabi, Haroon

Dambura: Jamil Ayan

Violin Section: Sharoon, Amal, David, Fahad, Haider Ali

Bass: Omair

Percussion: Veeru

Drummer: Bilawal

Lyricist: Adnan Dhool

Music Produced by: Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi)


Rang ja apney hee rang tu
Hoja apney hee sang tu
Bana le choti si duniya
Hoja mast malang tu


Khaali khaali ankhon se sapney bunta ja
Man apney ki kr le tu sab ki sunta ja
Tooti tooti saanson se larta ja barhta ja
Tukra tukra kr kr k kismat chunta ja

Boley tan man jab HU
Thandi lagti hai phir looh
Sajdey mein aansu gira de
Hoja mast malang tu


Wich sajdey soch kisay hor di kyun
Dil mein terey dard hai rog hai kyun
Kya hai tu kyun hai tu soch zara

Larh ja apni yeh jang tu
Krde sab ko hi dang tu
Bana le choti si duniya
Hoja mast malang tu



When my brother suggested me to listen to the song, I didn’t get time. I do a million things at a time, you see. For example, I am talking to my elder sister, weekly catch up call, you know; as I draft this post. I, however, didn’t get time to listen to it. One day, as he offered to help me in the kitchen, he also played the track on his phone. That’s when I was introduced to the song. My first impression was not very good. I also felt something nagging in my head. It sounded similar to ‘something’.

Yesterday, we were working in the kitchen and he played it on my phone. During this time, I was able to identify what was nagging me. The similarity of the song, in parts, with “Aawari”. When Adnan sings ‘Bana Ley Chhoti Si Duniya’, that resembles the ‘Teri Hoon Saari Ki Saari Main’.

Today, as I opened YouTube, it was in my feed. I listened to it, and wow!

When I watch the song, Ialso know the reason of the similarity. It is the same band. Adnan has a powerful, really powerful voice. He does a great job with the opening of the song. However, it is the later part of the song which blows your mind.

And wow, how am I not reviewing it already?

Syeda Hadia Hashmi is a 8-year-old pocket-size talent. The alaap, sounding like a wail, was so pure, so touching, so uninhibited. Not just that, she modulates her voice to a sweet and soft tone for two lines and then switches to the more grave and bold tone.

Her voice is strong, really strong for her age.

And yet, her voice is smooth, smooth like honey.

Her voice is sharp, it pierces in your body and in your soul.

The powerful lyrics with an equally powerful composition marks a good opening episode of season 5.


The song gave me goosebumps. I may be hearing it over and over again. 4/5 stars.

What did you guys think of first episode?  Please do leave comments.

Happy work week to all!

Shabana Mukhtar

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