Episode 1: Coke Studio Season 11


Disclaimer: This review is an opinion of a music listener. I have no musical background or technical expertise. If anybody disagrees with anything in this post… well, they will have to live with it. I can’t help them 🙂

First thing I noticed is the change in the set. The set has more shades of yellow and less of red that we saw in almost all of previous seasons. Does it emphasize that the producers and directors have changed? Ahem!

Shikwa Jawab Shikwa

Shikwa is sung by Natasha Baig. This is the first time I listened to Natasha, except for the small snippet in the season 11 promo – “Hum Dekhenge“. What a powerful voice she has! I became an instant fan. And the lyrics is as beautiful as Iqbal’s kalam could be.

Jawab Shikwa is sung in qawwali style by Fareed Ayaz and Abu Mohammad.

The song gave me goosebumps. 4/5 stars.

کی محمد سے وفا تونے تو ھم تیرے ہیں

یہ جہاں چیز ہے کیا، لوح و قلم تیرے ہیں

Ki Mohammad (s.a.w) se wafa tu ne to hum tere hain

Yeh jahan cheez hai kya lauh-o-qalam tere hain


Main Irada, Women Anthem

The song is divided in three sections. The first section is sung by Haniya, Rachel. The second section starts with an alaap by Shamu Bai that made me emotional. That followed by a ‘Pareek’ chant by Ariana and Amrina. A good song that will life your spirits. Cuz I am a woman.

A 4/5 stars.

جرات ہوں میں عورت ہوں

رحمت ہوں میں عورت ہوں

قوت ہوں میں عورت ہوں

قسمت ہوں میں عورت ہوں

انساں ہوں میں عورت ہوں

Jur’at hoon main aurat hoon

Rehmat hoon main aurat hoon

Quwwat hoon main aurat hoon

Qismat hoon main aurat hoon

Insaan hoon main aurat hoon


This is termed as a tappa, whatever that means – probably something to do with wedding songs. Performed by Lucky, Naghma, and Jimmy Khan. The song has a lot of breathless-ish sections, which I really liked. The music changes from slow to medium to fast pace and back; and quite nicely.

But that wow factor was missing for me. For me it was a 3/5 stars.


What did you guys think of first episode?  Please do leave comments.

Happy weekend to all!

Shabana Mukhtar


  1. achildof says:

    Thank you for the share of music videos. I really enjoyed that first song very much 🙂

  2. It really is amazing. 🙂

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