Getting artsy again

Long time with crafty posts.

I’m swamped with work these days. To add to that, I’m busy working on two novels and a couple of short stories in parallel. Then there is promotion activities for published books.

But all of that aside, I need to be ready for Eid-ul-Adha. And I thought of receiving an old trend – Sindhi Tanka.

I had the fabric in solid magenta color and one hank of white and lavender shaded yarn.

I started it yesterday and it’s 60% done. It has been thirteen years since I did this stitch. I had no supplies to do a proper tracing of the design and I drew the boxes manually. I’m not happy with the fitness, but that will do.

I’m hoping I can get this ready for Eid.

Happy stitching!

Shabana Mukhtar