OST Review: Daasi

Since I am reviewing Daasi, I must review OST as well.

Nah, it is not a mandate. But it irked me.


Lyrics: Ali Moeen

Singer: Wajji Ali

The tune is good and the vocals are perfect. It is the lyrics I have problem with.

Khuda Bani Mohabbat

Dua Bani Mohabbat

Mili Jo Duniya Ko

Saza Bani Mohabbat

I don’t understand. We are Muslims and we should know where to draw a line when it comes to creative liberty.

Khuda Bani Mohabbat just ticked me off.

I remember one incident during Naat-Khwani contest. A girl chose a naat. It was a beautiful naat and she had a soulful voice, too. But she did not win. Not just that, the judge ensured to mention that one is not allowed to bow before anyone, not even to Mohammad PBUH.

Bay Khudi Mein Dar-e-Mustafa Par Jhukl Gaya Sar Jhukaya Nahin Hai

Yeh Namaz-e-Mohabbat Hai NadaaN, Yeh Ibadat Ka Sajda Nahin Hai

I don’t like such lyrics.