Velo Sound Station | Boom Boom | Meesha Shafi


Singers: Meesha Shafi

Song Producer: Polarite Productions

Executive Producer: Bilal Maqsood


I Iove this woman and her powerful voice. What a performer she is!

I haven’t heard this song earlier I watched the Nazia Hassan song after replaying this a million times over i admit, the original was a great composition as well.

And yet, I like what they have done with the arrangement. Meesha’s voice booms and sounds different. Love it. Also, the English lyrics in soft one, which I assume is one of the chorus singers. Perfect!

I also notice that the singer has more energy to dance than the audience. I imagined audience going wild to this energetic track but they are just standing.

This is by far the best in three episodes of Velo Sound Station. Don’t you think? Can’t wait for CBA Arslan Naseer‘s take on this. Arslan is a genius when it comes to commentary. A few things that came to my mind were – Meesha’s funky jacket, her jadoo like avatar in the beginning, how she dances (what a dancer she is) and her head movement on ‘Pagal’…

You can watch the video on Velo Sound Station Channel on YouTube.

Until next post, stay home and stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar