Velo Sound Station | Mere Dil Ne | Uzair Jaswal & Sara Haidar


Singers: Uzair Jaswal & Sara Haidar

Song Producer: Sarmad Ghafoor

Composition: Uzair Jaswal & Bilal Maqsood

Lyrics: Uzair Jaswal

Executive Producer: Bilal Maqsood


I had read somewhere that Uzair Jaswal is lined up for Velo Sound Station and I was eagerly waiting for his performance. Why? I will tell you. I have been obsessed with Uzair Jaswal since Nindiya Ke Paar. And the Coke Studio version (season 6, by the way) just blows my mind every time I hear it.

Sara Haidar, again, amazes me with her vocals in season 10 of Coke Studio’s Aye Dil Kisi Ke Pyar Mein with Ali Zafar. And, the “Hum Duniya Badleynge” song from Miss Veet Pakistan was also good.

Right, coming back to this song…

What a collaboration. And this is the first performance I liked. The singers were communicating to each other through their song, not just standing there and grooving by themsevles, no over-the-top expressions.

Although, it gets a bit noisy toward the end though. Just saying. A bit too pop.

By the way, these songs are shot in 2-3 days. Shahbaz Sigri is still wearing that neon orange jacket and wearing a weird hairstyles. Naveen Waqar is still wearing the same jacket with one shoulder slid down. And I notice that Meesha is wearing the same colour combination when she performs. Who designed it?

You can watch the video on Velo Sound Station Channel on YouTube.

Until next post, stay home and stay safe.

Shabana Mukhtar