Kahin Kisi Roz: Sample Chapters

This is third sample chapter from my book “A True Lie”. For reading the complete novella, buy it from Amazon.

Baton Baton Mein: Sample Chapters

Sharing sample chapters from my book “Baton Baton Mein”. It is a A May-December Love Story that highlights problems that teenagers face. It is a clean and sweet romance with no profanity or sexual content. For reading the complete novella, buy it from Amazon.

Book Promotion: A True Lie (Happily Ever After #5)

    Title: A True Lie Subtitle: Happily Ever After #5 Summary: A novelette highlighting some of the pressing issues that young adults face in India A social, cultural, family drama… A romantic story… A May-December Romance Neha is a high school student. She is constantly pressurized by her friends to have a boyfriend, buy a…

Giveaway: A True Lie (By Shabana Mukhtar)

A True Lie I have just published a novella about life of a teenager, a student of tenth class and her predicaments – academically, socially, romantically. She faces the exam pressure, the pressure to be a nice daughter, the pressure to have a boyfriend. It gets to her. And thus begins a long and seemingly…