Umrah Diaries | Day 3 | Second Umrah

15th January 2020

The day began at 4:30 when we got up for tahajjud. I felt too tired and I had intentions of doing second Umrah. Shakeeb went to Haram Shareef for Fajr and I helped him get ready. Brothers are so casual and careless when getting ready. Even after all the care, he left his ID behind. 

The other family in the room came back around 6:30. I haven’t slept well in past three days.

12th Jan – no sleep

13th Jan – 3 hours

14th Jan – 4 hours

Yes, I keep count.

Shakeeb didn’t come until 7:30 AM and we freaked out, including me. I know I was, even though my religious mind tried to think that we are in Haram Shareef and whatever happens is Allah’s will. Then, my logical mind calculated time for one Tawaaf (45 minutes)+wajib-u-tawaaf (5 minutes)+time for walk back to hotel (15 minutes). If he started Tawaaf after Fajr, he should have been back by 7:20 AM. And he did, alhamdulillah. Just a few minutes over.

 I did not eat breakfast but had a large cup of tea because I can’t be without tea.  I don’t know how life would be without tea.

 The ziyarat began at 9 (instead of 8) . The first stopover was at  Jabl-e-Saur.



We saw several ziyarat places, mostly from a distance.





We were back at the hotel before lunch, without going to Masjid e Ayesha. The Ameer of our tour group arranged for a bus to take us to Masjid e Ayesha after lunch. We intend to do second Umrah, with my sister, on a wheelchair. Dad cannot walk that much, so he would be contend doing a tawaaf by himself.

As I finish typing this post, we have done our second Umrah and Shakeeb is still moving razor on his head. Poor men. Women have it easy, just trim a couple of inches of hair. It helps if you have long hair, like I did. My hair reached my knees, almost. Now, after 2 umrahs, its shorter by a few inches.

Prayers for all ummah.

Shabana Mukhtar