İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 1

It's Complicated (Iliski Durumu Karisik) Tv Series


A few months back… Okay, about a year back I was watching this series Kara Para Ask on YouTube, I was flooded with recommendations of Turkish drama by YouTube itself.

By then, I had realized that Turkish dramas are freakishly long. Therefore, I didn’t start another one and have stayed away from it. Until now.

However, I wanted to watch something different, apart from Pakistani dramas. I chose Relationship Status: Complicated. It Turkish name is İlişki Durumu: Karışık. You can read the cast and characters here.

Let’s get started with the review of first episode.

Plot Summary & Review

The first episode itself starts as we see Aysegul typing away, hoping to be a great novelist, while chatting with her cat Mianak. Her friends Efe and Ece plan an elaborated fraud and force her to go to Istanbul, without return ticket, without a place to stay and without any money. Behind her back, they sell her house for a buttload of money.

And why are they doing this? Because they are expecting and want money to raise their child. Really? For that, you do a property fraud, with your best friend? *Slow clap*

Can wakes up to another gossip headline involving his numerous linkups. His manager Handan is upset and to divert attention, she decides to send him away to Istanbul.

Can clearly like Elif. Elif had no time or love for him. She is interested in Murat instead.

There she runs into the male lead and does stupid things. she is stupid. She does not seem to think much before acting.

The hotel staff tells her there is no booking in her name. Murat walks in at the same time. Assuming him to be non-turk she sings praises of his charming personality. Murat speaks to her in Turkish, embarassing her plenty.

Ayeshe Gul pretends to be Murat’s ex to borrow some money from Can. She had no money for hotel or eating or going back. Efe and Ece are not picking up her cell, either.

Can has a problem with his family and is looking to buy a house. No prizes for guessing that Ece and Efe have sold it to Can.

When she returns, she finds out what her friends have done she has no place to stay and sleeps on the bench in front of her own house which incidentally can has bought. Coincidentally convenient!

She gets fever and can being the nice human being bring her in to look after her.
Can is a cleanliness freak.

Aysegul still pretending to be sick but can find out ask her to clothing while she is cleaning he offers her some money so she can find a place to stay but she storms out.
Game can being the nice person that he is goes to the bus stop to bring her back.
He offers her job so that she can repay the money she owns him. Isn’t he great?
Elif tells her plans to move to Milan and can is ready to.propose. Aysegul friends have not only sold her house but also taken a credit card on her name and the bill is sent to Aysegul. When she catches them, her friend fakes contraction pain. Our sweet and caring Aysegul falls for the most obvious trick in the book and they run away. Really? What friends do that?

Can has planned an elaborate nice date and plans to propose to Elif. The waitress clicks pics with the engagement ring and posts it online, making another controversial news surrounding Can.

Elif does not even wait for can to propose and leaves to see Murat. Can is angry and tells her that she is running after nothing.

Seeing Can upset, Aysegul tries to cheer him up by telling stories, singing and dancing. The next morning she finds the sings and asks Can about it but he throws it away. She also finds an invitation card to a party.

Aysegul arrives at the party. Murat, being the player that he is, talks to her, making Elif jealous. Elif and Murat talk and Elif confronts Can asking if he loves her.

In a very dramatic style, Can admits that he is indeed in love, with Aysegul. Then he kisses Aysegul and the end credits roll.


Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar