Haqeeqat | Episode 5 | Kamzarf


Being beautiful has been a virtue in cultured and civilized societies. But the same thing in ugly and stinking societies becomes the trial of your fate. In our society, a woman faces miserable experiments as mother, sister, daughter, wife, servant or working woman if she has a beautiful face and these horrifying stories never comes out because the victim herself and her family wants to keep it a hush.

Haqeeqat a series of disjoint stories to highlighted the good, the bad, and the ugly of a woman. Sometimes, she is the victim. Other times, she is just pure evil. 

Haqeeqat | Episode 1 | Daghabaaz

This series is quite similar to Chhoti Chhoti Batein by Hum TV. That series had stories more detailed and not as intense.

Director : Abdullah Badini

Writer : Mustafa Hashmi

Channel: Aplus Dramas 

Cast & Characters

Firdous Jamal as Javed


Javed’s wife. She is a social worker and works with an NGO.

as Waseem

Javed and Tabassum’s son

Komal Aziz Khan as Nisha

Waseem’s wife.

Plot Summary

Javed and Tabassum receive a call from the hospital. The doctor informs them that both Waseem and her wife are fine. Big shock! This is how they find out that their son has married without letting his parents know…

Javed does not accept Nisha and is determined to

  1. prove that the girls who run away from their families to get married are characterless.
  2. to kick her out of Waseem’s life

When Waseem and Tabassum are not around, he makes a move on her, leaving Nisha in a situation that she cannot tell anyone.

Waseem goes to Islamabad for 10 days. His mother is almost never home. And it leaves the two of them alone at home. 

Nisha relents, and tells him that she wants it to be perfect and therefore needs time to ‘be ready for him’.


This is the creepiest story I have seen. It is one thing to read that fathers or father-in-laws lust after daughters or daughter-in-law it. But, watching it freaked me out, even though I skipped through those scenes. And, I watched it on day 1 of this year. What a beginning!

Also, it was way too convenient for Javed to threaten Nisha all the time. Why Waseem and Tabassum were never home? Any maid, servant, anybody?

I loved the end of this story and the funeral was executed so well, so subtle and yet effective.


When I saw Komal Aziz Khan on Sameena Peerzada’s show, I did not even know of her existence. I didn’t like her when I watched her interview, she came across as pompous and full of herself. Anyway, I am pleasantly surprised by her acting chops. Kudos, girl!

This is second time I am watching Firdous Jamal. The first time ever I saw him perform is as Hareem’s father Iftekhar in Thora Sa Haq. He’s good. 

Until next time, allah hafiz.

Shabana Mukhtar