Umrah Diaries | One Day To Go

12th January 2019

To say that the day was crazy will be an understatement.

I reached home this morning, around 10:30 AM. This city is freezing, and the 45 minutes ride from railway station to home was a sheer torture.

I slept a lot in train, almost 7 hours, which is is double then what I usually sleep, in train or otherwise.

The train arrived before time and I was one of the first few passengers to get down. I sprinted, even though I was caring about 15 kgs with me. The overhead bridge leading to the rear exit of Nagpur railway station was deserted, so was the waiting area outside the station. The first autowala agreed to a reasonable price and within 3 minutes, I was on the way to home sweet home.

I was surprised that things what happening at such lightning speed I also recalled stray thought that what the auto stops in the middle of nowhere. I checked time, it was 9:45. Just then that straight thought became a reality the auto stopped, then again and again, three times within 5 minutes.

Good going, Shabs! You just jinxed your good luck. Anywho, I reached home couple of minutes before 10:00 a.m.

And it has been it 10 hours since then. I have not sat properly; laying down on bed is a different story altogether. The packing took almost three hours. I have to be mindful of everything and I have created a list of items I have packed in each bag. We are travelling with my father (he doesn’t keep well) and my elder sister so we have to make sure that the medicines are packed. It is winter and Nagpur is freezing cold all you want to do is to be wrapped under a blanket and drink hot beverages.

Despite our plans we have to prepare meals for our relatives. People keep coming to meet us. My father has also requested mufti Sahab to come and give a small lecture for my benefit.

All 8 bags are packed. We need to change, pray nafl and leave for airport after midnight. It is going to be one a memorable journey.

My posts will be far and few, starting today. You may have read my post about taking a hiatus.

Shabana Mukhtar

PS: This post is back-dated. I was too apprehensive to post it until I landed in Jeddah. I am so paranoid.