Tiny Tales #5: Ma (English)

Title: Ma


“A dirty fish can contaminate the pond.”

That is a loose translation of one of the Hindi idioms. It is said for a person in our surrounding or our society who has negative or destructive ways of thinking and leading his or her life, but people around them tend to get influenced and slowly the whole society becomes negative.

This is a tale of a senior manager who was desperate to bring his department to the top and he wanted to identify the dirty fish in his pond.

This is a tale of an employee who wanted to voice his honest opinion and help the management.

This is a tale of how people are misunderstood and judged based on their appearance, their actions and their choice to stay out of trouble.

This is a tale of bravery. One act of boldness opens the door for many others to follow suit.
In short, the tale is a satirical take to highlight various issues in the corporate world.

This book is loosely based on personal observations. All the characters, places, institutions are fictitious. Do not get offended and do not take it personally, please.
This is the fourth instalment of Tiny Tales series. The series has independent short stories.

Sneak Peek
If you’re not married and are assumed to have no kids, as kids without marriage are not something that we endorse,” he paused. There was nervous laughter. He resumed his monologue, “Then you’re treated like a nobody. You don’t have to take care of your family. You may not fall sick. You cannot have any personal stuff to attend to. You are a bachelor, you don’t have a life! You are the special force that is forced to slog, for work that others don’t do. Enjoy!

This is the fourth installment of the Tiny Tales Series. In this series, I present a small tale highlighting one of the many small yet serious issues present in our society.

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An Open Talk

Word Count: 2876

Read time: 15 minutes

Date published: 16th of November 2018

Genre: Contemporary/Relationship

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