68 hours

Ah, what a week it has been!

I was out for a short vacation last week. I started from here to my hometown on last Wednesday. My phone was making noise for incoming and outgoing calls. I tried restarting it, hoping it would fix the problem. It didn’t. After a few attempts, it started giving android errors. I had lost my phone. Rest In Peace. And with that, I lost my peace of mind, and my belief from all things electronics.

I was travelling when my phone crashed, and I had no way to tell my family that I am okay. Our phones these days are our entire life, sort of, I realized. I was counting on that phone to complete a few drafts I have been working on. It was my entertainment unit, for songs and movies. It was my library, with 200+ novels. I lost it all. And I had nothing to do for a 17 hours journey. Imagine my plight.

Even after reaching home, I didn’t find time to buy a new phone or use my SIM in some other handset. Only on the third day, I got one old Nokia X2 phone. And I was able to receive the text messages and calls, at least. Phew! Never thought I would be so miserable. The anxiety of those 68 hours I spent without my phone, specially the time in train, are etched in my memory.

Like I said, I can’t trust anything electronic. It can ditch you anytime, most probably when you need it the most.

Shabana Mukhtar

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