Teaching | A Nobel Profession

Teachers have such difficult jobs. The other day, my brother and I discussed the nobility of the profession and its challenges, the previous year actually. He left his job at Amazon to pursue a temporary teaching job. The pay was at par, and the school was near home so my parents did not object much. 


Two of my sisters are teachers and I have witnessed how crazy it gets.  

It is a fulltime job, literally and has more deadlines that any other profession. The school timings, for example, is strict and it is generally too early for a late sleeper like me, or my brother. 

The schedule is tough. They rarely get a class off. They teach nonstop, except for the recess. 

They don’t even have access to their phones. That’s quite interesting. In IT companies, the biggest problem I have observed lately is people sitting at their desk, their desktops showing some workrelated screen and hands furiously typing on their smart phones or watching something or reading something. I am no different, doh! And, I cannot imagine myself staying away from my phone from 4 hours straight. I have been there, spent 68 hours without my phone and I know how difficult it is.

Their workdays,  drain every bit of their energy. Often, the amount of work expected from teachers cannot be managed by one person alone. I have been part of their crazy schedules, often trying to correct papers, check notebooks and homework, do totals for marksheet and whatnot. 

The only good side is that they get plenty of vacations – Dusshera break, Diwali break, Christmas break and summer break. Plus, they get EVERY government holiday, even those that I haven’t heard of. 

All said and done, it is still considered a profession that earns you respect, if not big bucks. 

Happy Teachers’ Day!


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