Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 59

Hayat makes a lovely breakfast for Murat, despite her burned hand. But angry husband does not eat. “We are not that lucky husband and wife,” he says. Again, why did you marry her – to torture?

Murat hurts Hayat’s burned hand,and her feelings but later he asks Kerem to bring an ointment. But Kerem doesn’t find Hayat at home. Why? Because Hashmet gets sick and wants to see Hayat.

The truth is that Hashmet tricks her to come and locks her in. Murat and Hashmet go face to face, yet again. Hashmet tells Murat how Azime’s husband stole his property and his love. Before leaving, Murat warns Hayat to be back at his house before right o’clock.

Derya and Necat are against Azime now for one stupid ring. Seriously folks, get a life!

Murat is back to work, as though nothing has changed. He has also called for a meeting with his family. Then he raises the big question: did we pay off the debt of Hashmet Uzun?

Ipek brings lunch for Kerem who’s eating rolls with Tuval. Tuval, being Tuval, is freely talking to Kerem. Ipek’s hurt. This girl has more expressions than Hayat 🙂 Murat sees her and talks to His own love boat is sinking but he is fixing Ipek’s love story. Bhai waah!

Hashmet allows Hayat to return to her hkuse. Hayat leaves for home but a hand covers her face and pulls her out of the frame. What the hell?

Off to next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar