A moment to thank you

Hello people,

My followers, I thank you for your loyalty. You and your blogs inspire me to write more and write better.

Non-followers, please do follow, now and be forever amazed by my rants 🙂


The best week of 2018 had passed. I haven’t finished off the to-do list that I had prepared for the 5-days holiday break. I blame the flu attack. Another reason is that my family is here to visit me. I spend most of the time chatting up with them, but I don’t blame myself. I NEED it, to stay sane; stay focused and stay determined to continue to write.

My NaNoWriMo journey has slowed down a bit, owing to the aforementioned reasons.

But I don’t complain.

My non fiction sort-of-a-memoir Ctrl Z is out yesterday. Buy it, read it, review it, please please pleaseeeee.


And today, I am back to office. Looking forward to another weekend. Haha.

Let’s have a productive work week, folks.

Shabana Mukhtar

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