A Retrospective: The week that was – 19w30

This weekend I binged watched a lot of YouTube stand-up comedy acts.

I read much less this week. Let me try to blame other factors.

  1. Workload is increasing.
  2. Commute time is increasing and I don’t feel like reading when it is raining cats and dogs outside; when there is bumper to bumber traffic on the roads; and when I really have to pee. I distract myself
  3. At home, I spend time talking to my siblings and cooking, enjoying monsoon delicacies.
  4. Whatever little time is left, I write – blog post or fiction.

The temperature is dropping as monsoon continues. Instead of finishing the cardigan, I have shelved it completely.

I tried two new things this week – outline the plot before hand and focus on one story at a time. Previous week, I outlined a new story and finished a 13019 words draft. That is kept aside for next month. I think it worked well. I will repeat the practice to see if it continues to work. This week I resumed working on the second draft for the August release story, still unnamed, I know 🙂

Office is back to being annoying. Do you have colleagues who order you to do things? I have. I have discussed my concerns with my manager, but nothing has come of it. Nothing ever does.

It is ‘sweety Friday’ and today’s treat is this.


How was your week?

Shabana Mukhtar


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