Are you a Kindle Unlimited user?

Are you a Kindle Unlimited user?

Why do I ask? Cuz I am and I wanted to share my experience so far.

Kindle Unlimited offers millions of titles to read for free if you subscribe for their monthly, half-yearly or yearly plans.

Per month’s subscription fee is Rs. 199, and it comes much cheaper if you opt for longer duration plans.

Some times, when I am on a particularly active reading spree, I read books worth thousands of rupees. Other times, I barely manage to read enough to break it even for the subscription fee.

Overall, I’m happy with the service.

There is a another reason I ask this question.

If you’re a KU reader, and like reading English / Hindi light and breezy stories, please visit my author page and read my work.

Your feedback means a lot to me, to all the authors.

Happy Reading!

Shabana Mukhtar

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