My fashion statement

The fashion scene has changed dramatically.

The e-tailer websites run one promotion or the other throughout the year. Local manufacturers produce lookalike or knock-off designer wear with cheap material and at low cost

I bought a sweater top in 2014 winters. I had an awkward moment in cafeteria when I saw another woman wearing the exact same top.

I have stopped buying from malls about four years ago. I now design and stitch most of my clothes on my own, or have it stitched by someone. But it ensures that what I am wearing is one of a kind. It may not be as per the latest fashion trends.

It also ensures that I do not have to worry about plunging neckline. Or paper think fabric. Or absent sleeves. Or cold shoulders.

I design and wear what I’m comfortable with. I replenish my wardrobe every six months. And how I do it is an interesting story, but for another time. You can read that here.


Shabana Mukhtar

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