Best of 2019

There are too many, because I am easily amused and impressed. These 5 events stand out for the happiness and / or amusement that they brought.


Yes, Alif is the best thing that happened in 2019. First, it increases traffic for book review. Once HAR PAL GEO announced the airing date for the drama, my blog stats spiked crazy. One crazy analysis shows that blog stats for last week of December 2019 has more traffic than the entire year 2018. Krazy, I told you.

TOMU drops the “wordpress”

I took a bold decision this year to opt for a custom domain. It still feels surreal and I do question if the money is worth it, but I feel good the sound of my blog now.

My blog has an Alexa rank

Who would have thought? I didn’t even know what Alexa is. Yes, you can snort at my naiveté. And, don’t ask me what it is. I don’t really know except that it analyzed websites and ranks as per the global traffic.

At the time of drafting this post, I’m at a rather long 7 digit number. ROFLMAO. But, still… I have a rank, like second from last in class 🙂



The 5 star ratings of my books on Goodreads

As I mentioned in one of my posts, there are some very kind readers who began there GoodReads journey by  reviewing my first book. I want to thank them again. I can’t begin how great it feels.

The Messages Received On Facebook Page

I received repeated messages from the same person asking for contact numbers of directors and producers because the said person wanted to work in showbiz. Despite my polite yet firm reply that I have no connection with the showbiz industry. It is one the most hilarious and confusing events of 2019. Why would anybody think that a nobody reviewer would know the producers?

What are the highlights of your year?

Shabana Mukhtar